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Saturday, February 26, 2011

KakNgah Is Under Pressure!

   KakNgah is here.

   And she is under great pressure! Assalamualaikum and hello everyone. I'm just here to drop a line or two. I'm having my final observation next week (you can read about it here) and I'm afraid. Will I do well. What have I taught my pupils?

   Dear KakYong, KakCik, Ummi, Abuya, Family, Friends and Readers, please pray for me!

   I hope I'll do well.


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Kakyong writes: My best friend’s wedding… and changes…

Last week was really awesome. I went to Kedah for Thim’s wedding. She got married the week before, I missed that since I had a class on Saturday, but I was there for the wedding feast. It’s happy and sad at the same time actually. Happy that she got married, regardless of what she said (it was an arranged marriage, she wasn’t too thrilled in the beginning, but eventually accepted it), but it was kind of sad for me, to ‘let go’ of one of my very good friends. We’ve known each other since we were thirteen, became best friends when we were placed in the same dormitory in Form 3, along with K.Mas and Matun, and we were housemates for two years during Uni. We’ve been through a lot these 12 years. Things will be different after this, and this one friend couldn’t help but sigh, how she misses her friend already…

However, I pray that she and her husband will be able to build a life together, based on love for Allah, their families and each other. Take care Thim…

Anyway, we also went to MMCY. Talk about things that changed, our school couldn’t be more different than before. It was way bigger of course, for one thing, and the teachers who were there in the beginning were all gone, except for a few: Cikgu Jat, Cikgu Su, Cikgu Mawar, Cikgu Ruby and of course Sir Azman who kept coming back no matter where they sent him to. Good for you, Sir! And on that day there was also a farewell ceremony to teachers who will be transferring, including Cikgu Ton. Wahhhh… soon there will be no more teachers who still remember us the first generation. By the way, when we told the juniors that we were the first generation when they came up to us, they were like ‘ whoa..’. Yes, well, the first generation is a legend after all… muahahaha…

Seeing our beloved teachers brought back so much memories, especially when we started talking about the past and what's going on with our other friends. It was good to be back, reminded me that no matter how far I go, I should never forget, this small school by the mountain, surrounded by green trees and rivers.

Di kaki gunung yang tersergam indah,
Di pesisir sungai mengalir damai,
Berputik ukhwah terjalin ikatan,
Kami generasi Maahad Mahmud Yan.

(ask KakNgah for the English version, it's their song)

I met K.Mas, Sarah Sohimi and Che Yah on Thim’s wedding day. How cool is that, to meet all your good friends. I was close with them to some point during my time at MMCY. Che Yah was when I was in Form 1, K.Mas Form 3 and Sarah since Form 1 until the end, along with Qilah… Now all of us have our own lives and road to follow…

Things change, whether we want them or not. It’s great when they change for the better, but one part of you sometimes wishes that the good times will remain for a bit… But I like to stay positive that though things change the memories will be there, and the time spent together will make us a better person than we were before, as we give a bit of ourselves to the people we met and spent time with, and I like to think that my friends helped to shape the person that I am today and for that I am a better person…

 As we go on, we remember,
All the times we had together,
As our lives change, come whatever,
We will still be friends forever…

Kinda cheesy, but that's what I hope for, though we may not be able to be best friends physically, but at least we will keep on remembering each other (even once in a while) with fondness in our hearts and a smile on our faces...

Sunday, February 13, 2011

You're Not the Only One Doing Good!

   KakNgah is here to write.

   This post is a reminder for myself, just as it is for anyone who reads it.

   Has this thought ever crossed your mind- when you're doing house chores, or doing a particular task at your office or workplace, or helping someone to do something... have you ever thought to yourself, "How come no-one else is doing this? How come I'm the only one doing it? How come no one else takes notice of these things?" Stuff like that. You do something because you know it has to be done, or because it'a a good thing to do. But you just DON'T understand why other people don't do it too.

   Take care, dear heart. If you think this way, then there is a possibility that you are not doing things for the sake of Allah. Let me confess. I sometimes think that way too. In fact the thought used to cross my mind many times. But some things happened and I came to realise that when we think that way, we are also doing things not for the sake of Allah.

   When that happens, we become easily dissatisfied with other people. We wonder why they do not see the good things that we have done for them. We wonder why they do not appreciate us more.

   What we forget to think is that perhaps the same thing is going on for them. Perhaps they too, do good things for us that we do not know or even dream about. We forget that we too, may have been careless in some matters, and that our family or friends may have done things to help cover up these mistakes. We forget. We only think of the things we do. We grumble to ourselves when we do things for 'everyone's good', like taking out the trash, or sweeping the house. We grumble.

   But we forget that we ourselves are not perfect, and often make mistakes. Just like everyone else. Just like the people we grumble about.

   I forget too. It has taken a lot of effort and time to make myself see these things. I still make mistakes, and sometimes these negative thoughts still cross my mind, but Insya-Allah, I am at least aware that I am not perfect, and that each good thing that I do is only making up for the bad things that I have done. I hope Allah will guide me, and remind me when I forget. For that is how humans are. We err. We make mistakes. We forget.

   But the important thing is, what do we do about it? Do we even think of changing to be better.

   Remember, you are not the only person doing good. You don't know half of the things other people do. Have good thoughts about people. Have husnu dzon towards them, no matter how bad other people think they are. Form good conceptions towards your family, friends and everyone around you. Do good things for other people for the sake of Allah, for He is the only One Being who can truly reward you.

   Insya-Allah, Allah will reward you.

   This post is a reminder for me, just as it is for all who reads it.



Saturday, February 12, 2011

Kak Yong writes: Current Reads

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