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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Just another day...

So yesterday I went to meet up with KakYong at Putra Terminal (not the LRT terminal at Gombak, but the one at PWTC). Anyway... we met there in order to meet Cumi so that he could pass some stuff he brought from Kelantan to Kakyong.

While waiting, we explored that what's-it's-name shopping complex near the bus station. I really liked it. Yup. It was big and spacious, and it wasn't too crowded with people even on a Saturday. I dunno if every other day is the same, but the shops are pretty interesting. Interesting enough to make my sister (I am not going to mention which sister, she'll know who she is when she reads this, haha) spend RM 250+ on some things for herself. Imagine, huh? Although I have to admit the things she bought were pretty worth it - like this trench coat thingy that you can wear like a blouse which we got for RM50. The original price? RM 130. Really cool. Gotta go and check the store again someday - Ali Muslimah. Has all kinds of Muslimah clothing at really good prices. Next time I'll take a picture and post it up here.

Well after that we walked to OUM to meet Cumi and his little kiddy Sarahanis, and he took us for pizza (free lunch, yay!). Then we went our separate ways. My sister's plan was that we go to Masjid Jamek and Amcorp Mall after meeting Cumi, but unfortunately we exhausted our energy (and on her part some- or quite-a-lot-of money), so we just went back to her place. And yep, I slept like a log. What an exhausting day!

And today I came back to uia- and experienced what sardines in a can feel like squashed up in such a small space. Or how they probably feel like, since the sardines in cans are not actually alive but instead are swimming around in sauce waiting to be eaten. Do I sound rather cannibalistic? I suppose it should make me wanna turn vegetarian, but it doesn't. Anyway, there I was squashed in an LRT train full of people with nothing to hold on to. Fortunately I had my trusty old laptop bag squashed between some people behind me, so I managed not to fall down. Unfortunately I had one part of my face- the part with my nose conveniently sticking into someone's hair and the other part under some foreign Mexican guy's armpit. Eww... Fortunately it was only noon and most people were just setting out for some place, so the train smelled of perfumes and colognes and what-else. Thank goodness.

So that's another day passed. Two days in fact, and today's not even over. Tomorrow it's back to class(es) and back to learning. That's life, as it is.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Hello from Kak Ngah

To start with, I didn't even know that we have and share a blog - Kakyong, Kak Cik & I. I've always fancied the idea of blogging - well, no, that would be exaggerating, I never always wanted to blog. In fact I thought the idea of having people read about my personal life rather disturbing. But lately my views have changed a bit, and it does sound kind of fun, so I'll give it a go. It's not like anyone's going to come and visit anyway, so why worry?

Well, well, well, it's over a week into 2010, and so much has happened. Hmmm... probably due to the fact that I started classes over a month ago (next week will be week 6. Gosh.) One thing that happened was losing my purse. Sigh. I am in despair over the fact that this is probably the third time I've lost it (well not it since I've lost different purses with different stuff in each). Yup. With my I.C., bankcards, everything. The result? I had to go and apply for a new MYKAD, pay a summon of RM100, pay RM35 for a new matric card, apply for new bankcards, bla bla bla. I did hope and still hope that someone found my purse, but so far the hope has remained a hope. Sigh.

I also got to meet some new lecturers. Some are quite interesting. I look forward to writing about them sometime in the future. Oh, and my subjects too, Wonder what I'll get for this sem. Last sem was okay but not TOO good. Yikes...

And chess!!! I love chess. I adore the game. I love the challenge the game offers, how it makes you think, and it is SO NOT BORING! Well, for me it isn't. Alhamdulillah, I'm glad I took part in the USC this year - ooops I mean last year as it was in Dec 2009, but anyway our mahallah took second place, yay! Last year we only managed the seventh place. Anyway, it's lovely that we won, but with it came a scary offer... I don't think I'll talk about it yet. Nope.

Well with that my first entry ends. I can't believe I'm actually writing in a blog. Although not my own entirely, but still... onwards and upwards! TTFN :P

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Kakchik writes it again...

Years passed... I never thought that I seeing myself writing again in this blog..!!! Incredible!!! Both of my sisters are busy... busy... busy... As 4 me, I just started my new sem at UiTM.. Oh, b4 I forgot to mention, my study continues at UiTM.. Kakyong is at her last sem... Kakngah still has a long way to go.. Well, not dat loooooooonnnnggg.... As 4 me, I'm at my 2nd sem.. First sem ended well.. Alhamdullilah... (Dapat gk dekan wlupn ciput... huhu)..

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