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Friday, May 20, 2011


   Good things are supposed to make one feel... well, good. Good things are supposed to make good people feel happy, excited and optimistic. Right?

   Then why do I feel so depressed?


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Haram vs. the Halal

   This is just a short update. I listened to this talk and the speaker spoke something that was very interesting and actually made me pause the video to give a thought on what he had said. It goes something like this:

   "When you indulge in the haram, or when you eat or drink from the haram, the halal will then become disgusting to you..." and "When you have become used to something that is filthy, then what is generally known as clean and beautiful will become dirty and ugly."

   I may have changed or added to what he said, but that is the main message from the talk.

   I may write more on this, but I don't really have time at the moment. So I leave you with that to ponder upon.

   What do you think?

Thursday, May 12, 2011

aku hanya hamba

   banyak yang aku dapat

   dan banyak yang aku lupa

   bila yang ku dapat mula hilang

   bila yang banyak tinggal sedikit

   baru aku ingat semula

   aku ingat

   dan aku kembali lupa

   aku manusia

   aku hanya hamba kepada-Nya

   aku alpa


   jua hina

   kadang-kadang ku putus asa


   mendambakan keampunan dari yang Esa...

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Time to Heal

   [The title of this entry was inspired by a new blog I found, hehe]

   I liked this nasyeed ever since I heard it for the first time. In fact the whole album is pretty cool. I listened to this a lot during those two lonely but strangely peaceful week that I spent early this year. It reminds me of a certain person with whom I used to be good friends. Thinking of her is not exactly easy- for some reason the bad memories always seem clearer than the good ones, but listening to this song helps. It helps to bring the good memories back.

   My friend _________, this song is for you.

I know I’m waiting
Waiting for something
Something to happen to me
But this waiting comes with
Trials and challenges
Nothing in life is free
I wish that somehow
You’d tell me out aloud
That on that day I’ll be ok
But we’ll never know cause
That’s not the way it works
Help me find my way

My Lord show me right from wrong
Give me light make me strong
I know the road is long
Make me strong
Sometimes it just gets too much
I feel that I’ve lost touch
I know the road is long
Make me strong
I know I’m waiting
Yearning for something
Something known only to me
This waiting comes with
Trials and challenges
Life is one mystery
I wish that somehow

You’d tell me out aloud
That on that day you’ll forgive me
But we’ll never know cause
That’s not the way it works
I beg for your mercy
My Lord show me right from wrong
Give me light make me strong
I know the road is long
Make me strong
Sometimes it just gets too much
I feel that I’ve lost touch
I know the road is long
Make me strong

Words: Sami Yusuf
Music: Sami Yusuf
Produced by Sami Yusuf
   I pray that the bad memories will one day cease to exist. Burnt to ashes and scattered in the sea. I doubt you know the existence of this blog, and ever will, but I hope you understand.

   Let us pray that Allah makes us strong- strong enough to face the trials and tests that he puts upon us. Ameen.

   By the way, I love KakYong's interpretation of Dawud Warnsby Ali's song 'People of the Boxes'. It's like a session in one of Prof. Rosnani's Hikmah programmes. If I were still in IIUM, I'd recommend 'Song Interpretation' as one of the activities of the Facilitator Training Programme, hehe. 

Monday, May 9, 2011

Getting some pleasure out of blogwalking (Part 1)

   I like blogwalking.

   I'm always on the lookout for interesting blogs. Interesting blogs with interesting pieces. There are quite a number out there, I'm sure, but finding them is not the easiest thing to do.

   Sometimes I get pretty tired because there are so many blogs out there, and not all have what I'm looking for. I'm not choosy. I just try to look for something that is able to flip the think switch in my brain to 'ON'. I like writers who know how to use words to express their feelings, be it in English or Malay. The way they convey their messages. It also helps if their grammar- if it's in English, is flawless (which mine is probably not) or nearly so. If it's in Malay, then I'd look at how they write.

   So I'd like to share some of the blogs that I have, on the major part, stumbled across and come to love. Some I visit just to get a breathe of fresh air, while others give me bursts of inspiration in every entry they post.

   [The purpose is also to tell KakYong and KakCik about the blogs that I like, and to promote them haha. KakYong said she blogwalked and found some interesting blogs... well the ones I'm going to promote are]

   1. Peringatan untuk diriku dan dirimu
   - This is one of my favourite writers, as well as one of the first bloggers I got to know after entering the blogging world. Over time I've learned her name (to her surprise) and gained insight into the sort of person she is, though of course being in the virtual world one can never be really sure of anything. She even honoured our blog by giving a short review (thanks, cik Ipah! hehe) about it.

   What I like about her blog is the way she writes. She doesn't write in long paragraphs like I do, but evenly spaces every line. There is also an aura of mystery about her especially when she writes something personal- which is something that attracts my attention. I like mysteries. But maybe it's mysterious because I don't know her well. What's most important is that she seeks to do da'wah through blogging.

   2. NurJihadku
   - The writer doesn't often post updates, (well at least, not lately) but I like her entries pretty well. She gave permission for me to take her story on Masyitah the Martyr and turn it into an English version to be posted on our blog. Yay! Thanks, sis :) She also writes Islamic pieces, so that's definitely good.

   3. MummyNana
   - I've interacted with Kak Nana through comments quite frequently, and she is very nice. She lives in Ireland with her husband and three, truly adorable children whom I've come to be quite fond of even though I don't know them personally. She often puts up videos of her children, which I like to watch (they have lovely Irish accents!). But next to her stories about her children are her delicious, to-drool over photos of her cooking and baking activities. She is a great hand at these, judging from her photos. She also posts recipes of what she makes- but it makes me sad because I can't try them! (being away from home is awful).

   4. Monologues - Iman Under Construction
   - This is one blog that I discovered quite recently (today, in fact). I think KakYong would like it too. Her English is flawless (at least as far as my knowledge of English goes) and she has something like Cik Ipah's style- only that she writes in English. I was hooked from the first entry that I read, and I went on to read the others. The way she writes about Islam is interesting too. You get small glimpses of the kind of person she is- but having read only several entries, maybe it's too early to say anything. I hope she doesn't mind this review. One of the few blogs in which I read nearly word-by-word.

   5. FaAinaTazhabun?
   - Hehe, tolong promote blog KakYong. But seriously her blog is one of my favourites (kipas jangan tak kipas). I've know KakYong all my life, and I know her style of writing, and from what I read she has greatly blossomed as a writer (kipas lagi, kipas..hehe). Seriously if you read this, do visit her blog. She is currently doing her MA with a focus on Palestine, and her blog mainly focuses on that, as well as other topics. If you're a friend of KakNgah's, check out KakYong's blog (promote..haha). Haa bukan main banyak link bagi. Silalah lawat ya. Keep it up Yong! Let's use our writing as a medium for da'wah.

   KakCik jangan jeles. Next time I'll review your blog pulak k.

Getting some pleasure out of blogwalking (Part 2)

   This is an entry by KakNgah.

   [I try not to post too often so that KakYong's entries have time to settle down on the front page of our blog. But for some reason I'm a bit active recently... sorry KakYong! You better write often too, haha.]

   There are several things that I look for when I blogwalk. In other words, there are certain qualities or elements that attracts my attention and draws me to become a follower (other than the reason that the blog belongs to a friend). These are more or less the things that I look out for:

   1. Blogs that are used as a medium for da'wah
   This is probably one of the most important elements that I look for. I am still new to the blogging world, and I am also rather rusty when it comes to writing, so I truly admire people who are able to write and at the same time spread da'wah about Islam in their writing. It is a truly noble act, and I hope that I can someday be good at it too. For now, I am still learning, but I assure you there are many out there who 'blogda'wah' really well (came up with term myself, sorry).

   2. Blogs that promote good use of language
       (i) English
   - Being an English teacher, I cannot run away from the fact that English attracts my attention very easily. I mean, I teach the language, so I can't help looking out for blogs that use English as their medium, whether in all the entries or in just a few. I encourage anyone who writes in English no matter their level of competence. However, I cannot help but be attracted by writers who use flawless or nearly flawless English. Grammatical sentence structure, not forgetting to include the necessary articles- stuff like that. My own English is quite ordinary, and I have a lot to learn but I guess I know the basics, at least well enough to tell whether a person is a good writer or a bad one by the way he/she writes.

       (ii) Malay
   - I may be an English teacher, but I truly admire people who write well in the Malay language. The truth is language fascinates me, and if I were any good in Arabic, French, Mandarin, Japanese, etc. I'd explore blogs written in other langues too. I love how some people write so well in Malay. I used to think of English as more interesting than the Malay language, but now I find that both language fascinates me. The problem is I seldom write in BM (being used to English during my 6 years of training as an English teacher), but I hope to learn to do it well.

   3. Blogs that contain delicious recipes as well as photos of the production
   - I love, love, love baking! Even though I am not very good at it. The problem is some ingredients are quite expensive, and not exactly easy to find. There's also the fact that our trusty Kenwood broke down some years back, and now I make do with a cheap one that Dad bought. I'm also seldom at home, so it's hard to find time. Anyway, I'm hooked to blogs that contains recipes, especially ones of baked goodies. I could dedicate several entries on some of my favourite baking blogs and websites! I've made several attempts at posting some entries on my own baking adventures (which you can find under baking blues), but let's face it, I am a complete amateur. I wish I could start a food blog, but I'm not good enough to do so.

   4. Writers who have unique and interesting ways of presenting their ideas
   - There are some writers who don't exactly write using proper English or BM, but they still write really well in that they know how to be funny and interesting. There are several blogs that I visit regularly who actually write using their dialects- which I quite like especially when they use the northern dialects. It adds some humour into their writing and I really like it.

   Apart from that, some bloggers are good at choosing photos or pictures to accompany their writing, and I like it. I like looking at pictures. Especially ones that are of good quality, but I'm no judge. I'm really bad at choosing pictures myself. Like I said, I have a lot to learn.

   5. Writer is a female
   - I don't know why, but somehow male writers don't attract my attention. One reason is because I'd like to avoid any form of communication with males (especially ones that I don't know personally), which I often do through comments. Sometimes I might read what they write especially if it's Islamic, but I try not to comment. I try, haha. Besides it's easier and of course permissible to become friends with a female writer (seeing as I'm female myself).

   So that's basically some of the things that I look for when I go blogwalking. My opinions are probably of no interest to anyone, but that's what I think. There are some things that I dislike too, when I blogwalk, but I'm too lazy to write about that. Two things that I can highlight though is:

   (i) Blogs that contain obscene things which includes pictures and words. Rasa extra geram when it's from those who call themselves Muslims. I hate people who use swear words, I really do. Just as much as I hate people who smoke.

   (ii) Blogs that put up music on players with no pause option. I don't hate or dislike these blogs, it's just a bit annoying when I'm listening to something else on my own laptop. It gets even more annoying when I open several blogs at the same time, and all  of them play songs. I guess they mean well... but I dunno.

   Well that's it for now. I wonder what KakYong looks for when she blogwalks. And KakCik too, I guess, but she never writer. Huh.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Kak Yong writes: Another Ahad at home...

I see KakNgah has been very active with the blog posting. Tak boleh kalah ni (kan dah bercampur aduk bahasa ibunda n ayahanda muahahha). The thing about writing is that although there are many things to talk about, you always hope to write about things that matter, and to write in a worthwhile way. Many a time I sat down and start typing away. Halfway through, I will be thinking, does this matter? Is it worth writing? And would this be embarrassing? After all, going around blog-walking (as suggested by KakNgah), I saw many impressive entries, about matters that matter (as well as writings that better off the net). I would go, "Cool, wonder when can I write like that?" But then again, I just kept imagining myself writing, rather than actually doing it. So impian hanya tinggal impian...Hello, back to reality, I am supposed to produce around 60,000 words for my dissertation, how am I going to do that if I am scared of writing? Or rather scared of the result of the writing? Like when I write an article related to my research, will it be good enough? Won't people just reject it? Fear. It is like a worm eating away at you from the inside.

Fear is such a strong emotion, and it can control us and prevent us from fulfilling our potential.

Often procrastination grows out of fear, even a subtle kind of fear that may be hidden deep within us. So perhaps, try ignoring the procrastination for a short time and think about what you are afraid of; what is making you hesitate. If you can identify your fear, that is the first step. Next, is to remember that fear is often an illusion; something we have constructed for ourselves based on our self image or people’s perceptions of us. If you can manage to decipher the fear then look at it objectively. This can only be done if you turn to Allah for help. Needless to say, it requires a lot of prayer and soul searching, while trusting that Allah is always there. (Source)

It is called the ostrich syndrome.

Yes, it is fear actually, that keeps you from doing many things in your life. You are afraid to do something for the fear of not meeting the standard, yours or anyone else, or that people may said something negative about it. Because of that fear, you keep putting off those many things. You end up procrastinating, you will do something else, just to keep busy, deluding yourself that you are doing something, not just laying around. But the thing that should have been in your priority list? That one is not done. But because you have to do it anyway, you will still do it, but at the last minute and the quality will not be the same as if you had it done earlier. Some people will say, "I am a last minute person, even if I started early, I won't be able to do it well. If it's last minute, the idea will start coming in and voila! Look at the results. Sure, it may be last minute, but it's awesome..." Sure there are some people like that, but the ideas start coming in at the last minute because you force it to, you are desperate actually, so the brain starts working really hard. In the end, it becomes a habit, the brain working away when you are under pressure. A habit is something that you acquire over a period of time, something that becomes natural to you. You can say many things to yourself, to make yourself feel better, but in reality you are running away rather than fight. Or you just pretend that everything is fine, rather than facing it.

So it is time to really start writing properly. Sincerely and with the right intention too. Not just here, but for my studies as well. I must be confident about it. Where does confidence comes from? "It comes from within yourself", as Dr. Rosey once said. It comes from knowing who are, and being proud of it. Do you know who you are and why you are here? Why Allah put you here, rather than anywhere else? Of all the choices in life, you had made the ones that lead you here. So what are you going to do? When the going gets tough, do you hide like the ostrich? Or do you move on forward? Whatever that might happened in the future, just remember, in the end it will happen anyway. It's just how you face it that is the making of you. With the conscious decision or with the feeling that you had no choice?

Walk on, yes, you are uncertain, but believe in Allah swt, you can make it.

Nak promote Mee Bandung Segera Agromas!

   Malam ni nak promote something. Ni dia:

   Ni our Dad yang perkenalkan. Dia beli dekat kedai HPA kat Wakaf Bharu. Sepeket ada 5. Dulu harga RM5.00, tapi tengok2 dah naik RM6.00. Sempena KakNgah mai balik ke Melaka untuk mencari sesuap rezeki, Abuya beli dua peket bagi. Dia takut KakNgah kebuluran di bumi orang. Don't worry Dad. So far I've only had the chance to eat one packet! Haha.

   Kira ni dah masuk dua kali dapat bekal mee ni. Jangan jeles KakYong! Tula, len kali kalau nak sebut awai2, Dad never forgets once he hears any one of us mention that we'd like a particular type of food to take back. Ummi pulak, asai anak2 yang dok jauh balik, mula buat roti canai la, murtabak la, pizza memang takkan miss, and mcm2. Wauww!! Sebut2 camni dah rasa meleleh ayaq lioq.

   Oh, back to the mee bandung. Untuk something yang boleh dianggap segera or bak kata orang putih 'instant', boleh tahan gak la mee banding ni. Nak buat tu alahai senang sama macam nak buat megi. Perencah pulak memang dia tak kedekut, klu sepaket perencah boleh guna untuk dua or even tiga paket punya mee. Yalah tengokla ghega (hrga). Mee dia pulak bukan yang melengkoi-lengkoi macam mee maggi tu. Dia guna mee kuning.

   Kalau ada bahan extra, boleh tambah sosej ka, ayam ka, sayoq and what-not nak bagi sodap. Tapi malam tadi nak buat cepat2. My landlady makan Maggi Hot ke ape tah (yes. My landlady makan megi. Fuiyo). I setakat tambah teloq ja. Malaih habeh dah. Tapi makan licin. Ni la hasil:

   Nampak cam megi besa ja kan? Well, well... bak kata pepatah tak cuba tak tau. (Mungkinlah bukan kata pepatah). Tapi tak tau pulak kat mana ada juai menda ni, setakat yang cari ni tak jumpa lagi kat mana2, Tesco or JJ or Mydin. Limited stock kot.

   Makan menda ni takla ghasa macam otak berkarat cepat sangat macam makan megi. Maybe la sebab from AgroMas. (Malaysia mari. Jom sokong produk tempatan!) Sama la macam makan mee segera Adabi. Bajet sihat la sikit sebab Adabi punya, yala dah kita memang dok guna perencah dia pun dalam masakan. (Ingat lagi iklan Adabi hat bukak tingkap sambil nyanyi2 tu).

   Habeh dah crita pasai mee, nak tanya KakYong ngan KakCik, especially KakCik..ingat dak masa zaman kecik2 dulu KakCik suka makan lollipop? And then, dia tak panggil lollipop, dia panggil Gollipop. Tak taula man adia kutip perkataan tu. Ka Abang ynag panggil lollipop? Anyway, hari tu pi shopping kat Family Store (supermarket femes kat Batu Berendam area I dok), jumpa ni:

   Yezza memang KakCik pandai sebab memang ada ghupanya Gollipop! Dulu selalu kena pelece sbb salah sebut. Betoi ghupanya dia.

   (Ghasa nak makan lollipop pulak)

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Dinousaurs, sea monsters and the like... (Part 1)

   Ever since I can remember, I've always been fascinated by dinosaurs and tales of sea monsters. I cannot pin-point the exact time during which I started to have this fascination, but I do know one thing- the person who introduced me to these things. There is absolutely no one else. I'd ask KakYong or KakCik to tell you, but they're not here right now. There's no else. It's Abuya. Dad.

   I still remember when Jurassic Park came out. of course at that time I was too small to know much about movies and filming, but I recall the books and 3D glasses that Abuya bought for us. The dinosaur skeletons (plastic ones of course). Oh, and not to forget the movie. Tak ingat berapa kali tengok sebab banyak kali sangat.

Jurassic Park - Remember the T-Rex?

   Then there was The Land Before Time.

The Land Before Time

   Masa tu memang ni lah kartun pujaan. How I adored Little Foot! That's him below, in the centre:

Little Foot and his friends
   There have been follow-ups to this great movie, but my favourite is definitely the first one. In fact, I haven't seen the movie in years, but I still remember my favourite line- the part where Little Foot was separated from him mum. He was looking for her, and called out in a sing-song voice, "Mother... where are you?" even though I was only a little tot then (probably about five years old?), I was moved by that particular part. Poor Little Foot. And poor little children who have had to suffer Little Foot's fate.

   It could have been Little Foot's influence, but my favourite dinosaur of all time was always the Long-Neck. the Diplodocus, to be exact. I liked all the  Long-Necks, but the Diplodocus was my favourite. I don't know why, but they fascinate me, even today. They're such mighty, humongous animals, but they look so gentle and peaceful (or at least they do in the films and cartoons).

My favourite dinosaur
   I also liked the Brachiosaurus, but it never came close to my Diplodocus. The Brac's a bit different in that it has a sort of bump on its head.

The Brachiosaurus- see the bump on its head?

   I think I'll make a special post to commerate my favourite dinosaurs of all time (which includes the Nessie. How could anyone forget the Nessie??) However, in this particular entry I just want to remember Dad. Good old Dad, who loves good old mysteries. After all, nobody really knows whether dinosaurs really existed, and in fact some people don't even believe in them. I do though. Nothing's impossible.

   Apart from dinosaurs, Dad also likes sea monsters. Recently he came across this newspaper clipping about a sighting in Kalimantan. Apparently some locals spotted a dragon or something in the river (or lake, I don't remember which). Here's some pictures:

It could be a giant snake I guess...

This one looks pretty real...

I'm a bit doubtful about this one- but the picture quality is probably a bit poor

   Dad was pretty excited about it, so I searched for videos and news on the internet but didn't come up with much. I must have looked too patient while doing it, because he looked at me and smiled, saying, "Look KakNgah. Humouring her Dad."

   Thinking about it, maybe I haven't thought much about sea monsters, aliens and dinosaurs in recent years. I've been too caught up in the real world that I've forgotten all these things that have brought delight and pleasure to me. Most importantly, maybe I've forgotten how much influence Dad had on me when I was small. It was through his love of dinosaurs, sea monsters, aliens and stuff which helped to make us interested in learning English. We watched A LOT of movies and cartoons on these stuff, as well as reading a lot of books on them too. I would say that I learned English while having fun. Definitely.

   I wonder what KakYong and KakCik thinks about this, haha. I think I was always the one yang excited lebih bab2 dinosaur masa kecik2 dulu. Abang and Adik pun suka. Ummi- well Ummi always just goes with the flow. I'm glad we have pretty cool parents. Really! They're cool.

   Oh, how I miss home!

   ( I still keep this postcard that Dad sent me of a replica of the Nessie when he was in Scotland. One of my biggest regrets- that I didn't get to go to Loch Ness when we were there. Boo-hoo!!)

Happy Mother's Day!

   Found this cute comic strip when I searched for a Happy Mother's Day image on Google:

   Though KakYong, KakNgah and KakCik have never been good at expressing our love through words (No such thing as "I Love You" after speaking on the phone to Ummi!), we love Momsie with all our hearts. We thank Allah for the wonderful being that He sent to give birth and take care of us. May Allah bless and shower her with all His love and care in return. Ameen.

   Happy Mother's Day to all mothers and mothers-to-be all over the world! (When can I say this to you, KakYong? Haha)

   - KakNgah

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

All I Ever Do is Wait... well, maybe that's not entirely true...

   KakNgah writes.

   KakNgah is waiting. And still waiting.

   It seems that all my life there has always been a period of waiting for something.

Waiting is not easy... but you still endure it for the sake of that anticipated moment

   I never really noticed it much during the early parts of my childhood and teenage years, but I began to do so after I completed SPM. First, there was the long wait for the results to come out. Then, when they finally did, there came the excitement of filling up application forms, deciding on which university to apply for and what courses and so on.

   Having decided that I wanted to become an English teacher... well, or at least at the time, wanting to take a course that had something to do with English,I put TESL as my first choice in the UPU form as well as the JPA/MARA form. Having done that, we sent the forms off and waited.

   Finally, the call for interviews came. I prepared for them and waited. Then the time for the interviews came. I went, performed(?) and went home. And waited. Then the results came out. I got accepted to Maktab Perguruan Perempuan Melayu. Yay!(?) We made preparations and waited. Registration day arrived and I went and registered.

   Finally, finally, finally, after what seemed like a series of endless periods of waiting, I started at college. Little did I know that the first day at maktab was just the start of another series of waits. All through 6 years, I waited for events to pass. I waited for exam days to arrive. I waited for results. (These two are the recurrinf episodes throughout my 6 years of training). Prepare. Wait. Passed it, fuhh! prepare. Wait. Passed it again. And so on and so forth.

   Now, after 6 years it has finally come to an end. Today, I waited for 5.00 p.m. to come. I waited for the moment when I could log in to IIUM's student portal and check my results for practicum as well as my cgpa. Well, I'm still waiting. They're not out yet. Grrr.

   At the same time, just like what I wrote about in an entry my other blog, I am also waiting for August, during which (hopefully!) i will know where I'll be sent to to teach. Yee-haa! yeah. It's May now. There are 25 days left in May. There are 30 days in June. 31 in July. I don't know the exact day for posting results. It could be the end of August.






   Yet after all these time, I am beginning to realise that as horribly nerve-wrecking waiting for something can be, the moment it arrives- whether it's a good thing or a horrible one, you experience something else that makes up for those dreadfully long periods that you spent wondering. If it's a good thing that you waited for, and it arrived, you feel truly blessed and happy. If what you hoped for did not work out, you just begin another period of waiting. If it's something bad that you waited for, and it came to pass, you'd breathe a sigh of relief because it did come to pass and you no longer have to wait for it.

   As I grow older, I realise that the end of these 6 years is just a mark for the beginning of something else. I have grown,  definitely older, perhaps a little wiser. I realise that there are many more things to wait for, and as wearisome as waiting for things to arrive and happen can be, I hope I can endure it as well as I can. After all, when the Day Of Judgement comes, we'll all have to wait to be judged, so what is a little wait in the dunya compared to the long wait in the akhirah?

Is this the end?

Away From Home

   Being away from home has never been easy. I realise that as I grow older, it gets harder to leave every time. As I grow older, home becomes more precious. I look at it as a place where I can be safe. At home, it is easier to forget the temptations of the world and remember the true purpose of life. They say home is best. In the dunya, that is very true.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Kak Yong writes: Hari Ahad di rumah...

Tiba-tiba rasa nak menulis dalam Bahasa Melayu. Dah lama tak guna bahasa ibunda, asyik guna B.I ja, nanti makin lama makin tak reti. Macam waktu buat degree dulu, majoriti assignment dalam B.I, bila ada subjek yang kena guna B.M ayat pun bunyi macam tak kena ja... Tak payah pergi jauh, tengok la ayat-ayat yang telah ditulis dan akan ditulis ni, tatabahasa dah lama out, guna pulak ejaan yang tak wujud dalam kamus Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka. Mohon ampun kepada para pejuang bahasa ibunda, jikalau aku menaip seperti aku menyembang...muahaha...

Kenapa tiba-tibe menulis dalam B.M? Hmmm, mungkin sebab baru baca buku dalam bahasa ni. Buku tulisan Dr. Hafidzi Mohd Noor, "Israel: Kenapa Dunia Tidak Boleh Mengiktirafnya, Satu Sorotan Sejarah 1917-1948." Kepada sesiapa yang berminat nak tahu apa la yang dibuat oleh sekumpulan manusia yang tiba-tiba datang dan ambil tanah orang, sila lah dapatkan buku terbitan PACE Malaysia. Dr. Hafidzi salah seorang pakar tentang isu Palestin di Malaysia.

Selama ni sebarang bahan yang berkaitan kajian dalam B.I ja, sebab satu, takda rujukan akademik dalam B.M, dan satu lagi sebab lebih mudah untuk baca, fikir, dan tulis dalam satu bahasa. Jadi B.I la memanjang. Sedih pun ada kan... Namun, macam yang pernah Kak Yong tulis sebelum ni, bahasa tak perlu dijadikan isu yang besar. Kena ada kesedaran, apa yang harus menjadi keutamaan dalam hidup ni. Bagi Kak Yong, isu bahasa itu satu perkara, yang lebih penting adalah apa yang kita nak sampaikan. Betul, faktor bahasa tetap memainkan peranan. Contohnya, kajian Kak Yong dalam B.I dan artikel berkaitan akan dalam B.I jugak. Tapi bila pikir balik, macam mana pembaca Malaysia boleh dapat manfaat? Bukan la nak kata orang kita tak boleh baca B.I, tetapi rasa-rasanya majoriti lebih selesa dengan B.M. Untuk kajian ini, rasa-rasanya yang memerlukan pendedahan adalah orang-orang yang majoriti tu. Jadi kena-kena biasakan diri menyusun ayat dalam B.M. Kalau ada masalah, kita rujuk saja sahabat kita yang kerja sebagai editor di sebuah syarikat buku terkenal di Malaysia, di mana hari ini dia sangat sibuk di gerai Pesta Buku Antarabangsa K.L 2011, sebab hari ni hari terakhir.

Itu saja yang nak tulis. Dalam blog sendiri rasanya akan terus dalam B.I, tapi sebab ada blog backup ni, boleh la tukar selera sekali-sekala.

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