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Sunday, December 18, 2011


I haven't post anything quite recently.....maybe I'm out of topic....anyway, I'll look 4 somethin'....

Happy Holidays!!

My teacher had made us do lots of homeworks....
But happily, I did them while watching movies!!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Faithful Muslims: Part 3 - A Once United Nation

Salam Barakah to my brothers and sisters in Islam,
On this third entry, there's something I want to discuss among us Muslims. Let's look upon the world we live in today...........Are there more suffering than contribution? Are there more poverty  than affuency? Are there more cures  than illness?

Our Muslims Ummah (society) today may all haven't notice how far Islam has changed over the past 1400 years ago. Once a Golden Age during the reign of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) the khulafā' ar-rāshidūn, the Abbasids, and the Ottoman until the caliphate reign was abolished in 1924.

Can't we think righteously? Why are we blind to the truth? In this modern times, modern Islam, also increases its influence rapidly. Even so, these "Modern" Muslims are more inclined towards the Western Nations, their cultures.
I watched some videos once, about Western tools of propoganda and influences. They easily brainwashed Muslims through the medias, especially television, music, fashion and harmful ways of life. Whether we realise it or not, these satanic powers are mutating into several stages, for example the minds of Muslim women,  who was now more obsessed in stylish fashion rather than keeping their aurah in veils.

I do have not any prejudice against the Western Cultures, but I'm justifying the truth about them! We don't want people of other religions watchs us from every corner, thinking, "Hey, that Muslim is exposing her hair. And it the dyed gives too much of pink colour."

See that? Or, "It's Friday today. Why is that Muslim man not at the mosque like his fellow brethren?" or "Hmph! Why should I convert to Islam when their ways of life is the same as mine?"

We want neither of  them to cross the minds of other people of different religions.


Facing One Qiblah

So, we must all work together to gain back the peace and right we Muslims should all have. After al, even when we are all separated across the globe, aren't we all facing the one qiblah?

I found this poem from a website. It's really beautiful, and I like us all to think about it. Farewell...........

By Imran Ali
This life, full of pain, full of lies, full of death...
We live for desires, 'till the last of our breath...
This life is so tempting, this life full of Fitnah...
And so the path to Jannaah becomes thinner and thinner...
On the Day of Judgement, on that Day of Eternity...
We will walk the path, to reach our serenity...
For the faithful and pious, will be vast and to spare...
However for the evil, will be thin as a hair...
So, what do you have to say...?
"I feel its too hard and I guess its just me...
But there's not enough time in the day, you see..."

"There's work, and school and duties at home...
There's so much going on, that won't leave me alone..."
"And even when I can, I feel so strange...
Most of my friends, well, they've changed..."
"I'm without support, and my faith is depleting...
How can I pray, when I feel so demeaning...?"

"My Brother, my Sister, your so called friends...
Are none of the sort, if they can't make amends..."

"And are they true Muslims, if they cannot share...
Your strive in Imaan, and modesty's care...?"
"You're true friends, brothers and sisters alike...
Are the Ummah of Islam, who share your strife..."
"For they are the caring, who share your struggle...
But Muslims are strong, and strive through the rubble..."

So what does this mean...?
It means we must unite, and never part ways...
For Imaan is the structure, that shelters our days...
Appearances may differ, and so may the lands...
But Islam is our paint, and our brush is Imaan...
We may lose our friends, and we may lose obsessions...
We may lose desires, and materialistic possessions...
But take my hand, and together we'll see...
How we, Brothers and Sisters, form a Unity...


Thursday, December 15, 2011

Faithful Muslims: Part 2 - The Revelation

Assalamualaikum again, and good morning to all members of the Earth. On this drizzly morning, I'm gonna tell you about the Noble Qur'an.

Said Allah the Great in Surat Al-Wāqi'ah:

Assuredly, it is a generous Qur’an, in a book kept hidden, which none touches save the purified; a revelation from the Lord of the Worlds. [56:77-80]

We all have known Al-Quran has been revealed towards mankind through our beloved Prophet Muhammad S.A.W, whom had the first revelation through Angel Gabriel from Allah. The Qur'an is a guide for men, for all should believe in its content. This has been passed from generation to generation; on which has not it been changed its content, not all.

Holy Qur'an
It is a reminder, one that teach us the ways of life we have long forgotten. Islam, and its believers Muslims are relying on Allah the Most Gracious. 
The Holy Qur'an contains lessons of the true ways of life such as social, economic, or political or even the histories of previous civilizations of people. However, some people neglects the use of this Holy Qur'an  saying that it doesn't have anything to do with human' affair, such as politics and economics. That is a wrong statement for life, as we are holding on oxygen to breathe in air, we are holding our faith upon this Qur'an.

Without Qur'an there is no thing for us Muslims to guide us (Allah the Preserver is an exceptional) through our struggles on problems of life, as in having no air to breath, we would all suffocate. 

Step 1 - Read (Memorize, if possible) and learn its meanings through tafseer (interpretation).
Step2 - Teach those who can't read.
Step 3 - Remember, Al-Quran is everything about our life, so whatever affair on our daily life, we are yo use it as our invulnerable source.
Step 4 - Courtesy through this Holy Book of Allah
Step 5 - Understand the Unclear by asking Muslims' Scholars

For that, Assalamualaikum, until next time...

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Faithful Muslims: Part 1 - Faith in Allah

Assalamualaikum, and good morning to my fellow brothers and sisters in Islam. Since this is my first entry on this blog I joined, I decide to tell about faith. Faith is really important mainly because it involve with our Iman. When I say faith, it means we have a belief and our belief as in Allah (tawakkul 'ala Allah ) As some of us might have learned Tawheed (the Oneness of Allah) Remember my dear friends, disbelief in Allah is marked as Kufr or Kafir. Learning Tawheed will rekindle our Iman, as well as it is compulsary for every muslim to understand its meaning.

Narrated Abu Huraira:
Allah’s Apostle said, “Allah has ninety-nine Names, one-hundred less one; and he who memorized them all by heart will enter Paradise.” To count something means to know it by heart.

Also, in the Noble Qur'an:

وَلِلَّهِ الْأَسْمَاءُ الْحُسْنَىٰ فَادْعُوهُ بِهَا وَذَرُوا الَّذِينَ يُلْحِدُونَ فِي أَسْمَائِهِ سَيُجْزَوْنَ مَا كَانُوا يَعْمَلُونَ
And to Allāh belong the best names, so invoke Him by them. And leave [the company of] those who practice deviation concerning His names. They will be recompensed for what they have been doing.

Now we see why Faith is Allah is really important for us to understand and learn thrugh through the concept of Tawheed.

This is the list of Allah's beautiful names their meanings:
#ArabicTransliterationTranslation (can vary based on context)Qur’anic Usage
1الرحمنAr-RahmanThe All Beneficent, The Most Merciful in Essence, The Compassionate, The Most GraciousBeginning of every chapter except one, and in numerous other places
2الرحيمAr-RahimThe Most Merciful, The Most Merciful in ActionsBeginning of every chapter except one, and in numerous other places
3الملكAl-MalikThe King, The Sovereign, The True and Ultimate King59:23, 20:114
4القدوسAl-QuddusThe Most Holy, The Most Pure, The Most Perfect59:23, 62:1
5السلامAs-SalaamThe Peace and Blessing, The Source of Peace and Safety, The Most Perfect59:23
6المؤمنAl-Mu’minThe Guarantor, The Self Affirming, The Granter of Security, The Affirmer of Truth59:23
7المهيمنAl-MuhayminThe Guardian, The Preserver, The Overseeing Protector59:23
8العزيزAl-AzizThe Almighty, The Self Sufficient, The Most Honorable3:6, 4:158, 9:40, 48:7, 59:23
9الجبارAl-JabbarThe Powerful, The Irresistible, The Compeller, The Most Lofty, The Restorer/Improver of Affairs59:23
10المتكبرAl-MutakabbirThe Tremendous59:23
11الخالقAl-KhaliqThe Creator6:102, 13:16, 39:62, 40:62, 59:24
12البارئAl-Bari’The Rightful59:24
13المصورAl-MusawwirThe Fashioner of Forms59:24
14الغفارAl-GhaffarThe Ever Forgiving20:82, 38:66, 39:5, 40:42, 71:10
15القهارAl-QahharThe All Compelling Subduer13:16, 14:48, 38:65, 39:4, 40:16
16الوهابAl-WahhabThe Bestower3:8, 38:9, 38:35
17الرزاقAr-RazzaqThe Ever Providing51:58
18الفتاحAl-FattahThe Opener, The Victory Giver34:26
19العليمAl-AlimThe All Knowing, The Omniscient2:158, 3:92, 4:35, 24:41, 33:40
20القابضAl-QabidThe Restrainer, The Straightener2:245
21الباسطAl-BasitThe Expander, The Munificent2:245
22الخافضAl-KhafidThe Abaser95:5
23الرافعAr-Rafi‘eThe Exalter58:11, 6:83
24المعزAl-Mu‘ezzThe Giver of Honour3:26
25المذلAl-MudhellThe Giver of Dishonour3:26
26السميعAs-Sami‘eThe All Hearing2:127, 2:256, 8:17, 49:1
27البصيرAl-BasirThe All Seeing4:58, 17:1, 42:11, 42:27
28الحكمAl-HakamThe Judge, The Arbitrator22:69
29العدلAl-`AdlThe Utterly Just6:115
30اللطيفAl-LateefThe Subtly Kind6:103, 22:63, 31:16, 33:34
31الخبيرAl-KhabeerThe All Aware6:18, 17:30, 49:13, 59:18
32الحليمAl-HaleemThe Forbearing, The Indulgent2:235, 17:44, 22:59, 35:41
33العظيمAl-AzeemThe Magnificent, The Infinite2:255, 42:4, 56:96
34الغفورAl-GhafoorThe All Forgiving2:173, 8:69, 16:110, 41:32
35الشكورAsh-ShakoorThe Grateful35:30, 35:34, 42:23, 64:17
36العليAl-AliyyThe Sublimely Exalted4:34, 31:30, 42:4, 42:51
37الكبيرAl-KabeerThe Great13:9, 22:62, 31:30
38الحفيظAl-HafeezThe Preserver11:57, 34:21, 42:6
39المقيتAl-MuqeetThe Nourisher4:85
40الحسيبAl-HasibThe Reckoner4:6, 4:86, 33:39
41الجليلAl-JaleelThe Majestic55:27, 39:14, 7:143
42الكريمAl-KarimThe Bountiful, The Generous27:40, 82:6
43الرقيبAr-RaqibThe Watchful4:1, 5:117
44المجيبAl-MujibThe Responsive, The Answerer11:61
45الواسعAl-Wasse‘eThe Vast, The All Encompassing2:268, 3:73, 5:54
46الحكيمAl-HakeemThe Wise31:27, 46:2, 57:1, 66:2
47الودودAl-WadudThe Loving, The Kind One11:90, 85:14
48المجيدAl-MajeedThe All Glorious11:73
49الباعثAl-Ba’ithThe Raiser of The Dead22:7
50الشهيدAsh-ShaheedThe Witness4:166, 22:17, 41:53, 48:28
51الحقAl-HaqqThe Truth, The Real6:62, 22:6, 23:116, 24:25
52الوكيلAl-WakeelThe Trustee, The Dependable3:173, 4:171, 28:28, 73:9
53القوىAl-QaweeThe Strong22:40, 22:74, 42:19, 57:25
54المتينAl-MateenThe Firm, The Steadfast51:58
55الولىAl-WaleeThe Protecting Friend, Patron and Helper4:45, 7:196, 42:28, 45:19
56الحميدAl-HamidThe All Praiseworthy14:8, 31:12, 31:26, 41:42
57المحصىAl-MuhsiThe Accounter, The Numberer of All72:28, 78:29, 82:10-12
58المبدئAl-Mubdi’The Producer, Originator, and Initiator of All10:34, 27:64, 29:19, 85:13
59المعيدAl-Mu‘idThe Reinstater Who Brings Back All10:34, 27:64, 29:19, 85:13
60المحيىAl-MuhyiThe Giver of Life7:158, 15:23, 30:50, 57:2
61المميتAl-MumitThe Bringer of Death, The Destroyer3:156, 7:158, 15:23, 57:2
62الحيAl-HayyThe Ever Living2:255, 3:2, 25:58, 40:65
63القيومAl-QayyumThe Self Subsisting Sustainer of All2:255, 3:2, 20:111
64الواجدAl-WajidThe Perceiver, The Finder, The Unfailing38:44
65الماجدAl-MajidThe Illustrious, The Magnificent85:15, 11:73,
66الواحدAl-WahidThe One, The Unique, Manifestation of Unity2:163, 5:73, 9:31, 18:110
67الاحدAl-AhadThe One, the All Inclusive, The Indivisible112:1
68الصمدAs-SamadThe Self Sufficient, The Impregnable,
The Eternally Besought of All, The Everlasting
69القادرAl-QadirThe All Able6:65, 36:81, 46:33, 75:40
70المقتدرAl-MuqtadirThe All Determiner, The Dominant18:45, 54:42, 54:55
71المقدمAl-MuqaddimThe Expediter, He Who Brings Forward16:61, 17:34,
72المؤخرAl-Mu’akhirThe Delayer, He Who Puts Far Away71:4
73الأولAl-AwwalThe First57:3
74الأخرAl-AkhirThe Last57:3
75الظاهرAz-ZahirThe Manifest, The All Victorious57:3
76الباطنAl-BatinThe Hidden, The All Encompassing57:3
77الواليAl-WaaliThe Patron13:11, 22:7
78المتعاليAl-Muta’aliThe Self Exalted13:9
79البرAl-BarrThe Most Kind and Righteous52:28
80التوابAt-TawwabThe Ever Returning, Ever Relenting2:128, 4:64, 49:12, 110:3
81المنتقمAl-MuntaqimThe Avenger32:22, 43:41, 44:16
82العفوAl-‘AfuwwThe Pardoner, The Effacer of Sins4:99, 4:149, 22:60
83الرؤوفAr-Ra’ufThe Compassionate, The All Pitying3:30, 9:117, 57:9, 59:10
84مالك الملكMalik-al-MulkThe Owner of All Sovereignty3:26
85ذو الجلال والإكرامDhu-al-Jalaliwa-al-IkramThe Lord of Majesty and Generosity55:27, 55:78
86المقسطAl-MuqsitThe Equitable, The Requiter7:29, 3:18
87الجامعAl-Jami‘eThe Gatherer, The Unifier3:9
88الغنيAl-GhaniThe All Rich, The Independent3:97, 39:7, 47:38, 57:24
89المغنيAl-MughniThe Enricher, The Emancipator9:28
90المانعAl-Mani’eThe Withholder, The Shielder, the Defender67:21
91الضارAd-DarrThe Distressor, The Harmer, The AfflictorThis attribute can only be found in hadith6:17
92النافعAn-Nafi‘eThe Propitious, The Benefactor
93النورAn-NurThe Light24:35
94الهاديAl-HadiThe Guide25:31
95البديعAl-BadiThe Incomparable, The Originator2:117, 6:101
96الباقيAl-BaqiThe Ever Enduring and Immutable
97الوارثAl-WarithThe Heir, The Inheritor of All15:23
98الرشيدAr-RashidThe Guide, Infallible Teacher and Knower2:256
99الصبورAs-SaburThe Patient, The Timeless.

I took this from a wonderful website called Faith in Allah.
So, the first step towards achieving our aim in order to strengthen our Iman is by knowing the names of our God. Know that, memorising them all, Allah promised His worshippers Al-Jannah (the Heaven).

I guess I'll stop now in this post. Assalamualaikum......

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Twins of Faith

   Saw ads for this event on 2 blogs,and I also remembered KakYong telling me about them.

 I'd really LOVE to go, but I'm not sure I can afford it. Anyway, find out more about the programme from the official  website. You can purchase tickets online there, and you can also get them here.

   These are the speakers who will be giving the talks, insya-Allah. I'm familiar with some of the names, though I've only listened to Abdurraheem Green via online videos. I've heard very good reviews about the others though, so I'm sure it'll be truly beneficial and meaningful.

    The programme line-up could not be more interesting. Just look at the titles of the talks! And none of them are very long either. If you are busy,you can choose which talks you want to go to.

   I'm strongly thinking of going, but I do not know if I can afford it. Ummi & Abuya have given me the green light, so that's good. Now how do I go? There'll be money for the ticket, and I have to find accommodation (free if possible) as well as think of how to transport there. I fervently hope and pray that Allah will show me a way. I'm also looking for a friend to go with.

   There will also be other side programmes such as a Mother's Room, Kids Zone, a Marriage Corner etc. Find out more by clicking on the links or by going to their official website.

   Is anybody going???

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

KakNgah's Short Update On What's Happening

   I am most definitely sorry for the lack of updates. It's the month of Ramadhan, and what I've been doing mostly for the past three weeks was to visit other blogs, leave some comments, and that's all. Here's what I've been doing for the last few weeks:

1. Started going for driving lessons
    I just got my L and my first real lesson is on Wednesday. My teacher wanted to start on Sunday, but since I had to come to KL (yep, still here, going back tomorrow) I asked for it to be postponed. I can't wait.

2. Been busy baking... and baking... and baking...
    I've always loved baking, but have never really been that good at it. Ingredients are always expensive too, so...When I came back from Melaka, I started with one recipe, then followed it with another, and another... and I loved it so much I decided to start a new project, which I won't talk about just yet because I'm not ready. Maybe sometime in the future. Here are some of the things I made (picture quality's not very good, sorry. I only had a phone camera to take photos with):

Classic Victoria Sponge

Banana Brownies

Peanut butter Brownies

Butterbeer blondies

Chocolate Chip Whoopsie (Whoopie) Pies

Congo Bars a.k.a. Chocolate Chip Blondies

Batik Cake

Lemon Chiffon Pie

3. Been enjoying Ramadhan
    I do not if  I have been more productive during this beautiful month compared to the last. I hope I have. May Allah guide me.

4. Went to IIUM
    I'm in KL at the moment (going back tomorrow). I'm crashing at KakYing's place. Today I went to visit IIUM (or UIA as some people know them), but I didn't have a lot of time to visit all my favourite spots. Besides without the students the place seemed a little empty. But peaceful, really peaceful. I wish I had had more time to spend there, but I managed to snap a few pics with the camera I borrowed from KakYong, hehe... wish I had had time to take more though.

They're building some new buildings at the Putra/Gombak LRT Station.
Probably for parking.

The new student mall or something, situated in front of Kyros.
Booths for students interested in generating some extra income

Corridor leading to lecturers' offices.
Familiar stepping ground for me hehe.

The ever faithful elevator at INSTED.

The new Azman Hashim complex.
All the banks operate in this building now- Bank Islam, Ambank and Bank Muamalat.

They also have signboards put up everywhere now! Most convenient.

The beautiful IIUM mosque... majestic looking and of course my photo does no cre
dit to it
5. Planning on buying a car
    Though it'll be some time until I get my license, I'm already planning to buy a car since Insya-Allah if all goes well I'll start working soon. I've fallen in love with the new Myvi, hehe, and it also helps that they have one in purple! Now that I've started becoming interested in cars, I can't help visiting this site again and again... haha.
My dream car, hehe

   That's all for now. Happy Ramadhan!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Ayyuhal Walad: Advice 2 - How to Accept Advice

   KakNgah writes.

   Today I went crazy and made two types of brownies. Peanut butter chocolate brownies (which only used 5 ingredients and is super sticky and fudgy) and banana brownies (which is definitely my favourite of the two because of the texture and taste). For the sake of preventing an overload of drool- well, perhaps not, but in order to be kind and nice to KakYong, I won't post the photos (besides they're not very good photos. I want a camera!). I promise I'll make them when you and Aiman come home! Hehe.

   I love baking because whatever disasters that I produce, I know that people will eat what I make. If they're good, people (which hereby refers to my own, kind family) will swoon over them (uh-huh.) and appreciate my efforts. Tomorrow I plan to make banana bread pudding! (Only because we have bananas, KakYong. Not because I really want to. Honest. Not.) Insya-Allah.


Advice 2: How to Accept Advice

   My dear beloved child (I've changed it to this because it sounds better),

   Giving advice is easy- it is accepting advice that is difficult for it is a great bitter pill to be swallowed by those who often only follow their own desires or nafs. Nafs loves that which are forbidden, especially for those who often seek knowledge for the sake of getting recognition or a title and are always busy in pronouncing their greatness and collecting worldly wealth. These people believe that having this type of knowledge is enough to secure their safety and happiness without having to practice what they have learnt. They are those who have been influenced by i'tiqad and the way of thinking of the philosophers (here referring to secular-type of philosophers).

   Subhanallah! This is truly a confused way of thinking. Do they not know that a person who has gained knowledge but does not practice what he knows, will be even more heavily questioned compared to those who do not have knowledge during the Day of Judgement? Rasullullah pbuh said:

   "Those who will receive the heaviest of punishments are the knowledgeable ones who did not use their knowledge for the sake of Allah."

   It has been narrated by Al Junaid Al Baghdadi Qaddasallahu Sirrahu that a man who was known to have passed away came to him in a dream. The man asked Imam Al Junaid, "How are you, Abu al Qasim (referring to Imam Al Junaid Al Baghdadi), who answered," In truth, all empirical knowledge have disappeared, as have all spiritual knowledge. All that are beneficial no longer exists except a few numbers of rakaat that we manage to make in the night."


   It seems that human beings are more often prone to chasing after worldly wealth. We chase after money, title, recognition and happiness- or what we think is happiness. We forget that in the end, nothing matters except what has been done in the name of Allah.

   "Al-ilm bila amalin kasshajarin bila samarin" : Knowledge without practice is like a tree that bears no fruit.

   I wonder if I'm such a tree. It's certainly a frightening thought. I would imagine that people who do not practice what they know to be right are like gnarled old trees on which no fruit grows and no leaves sprout. I do not want to be this kind of tree. I want to be a tree that grows and fruits and benefits those around it.

   What kind of tree would you like to be?

   p.s. I think I'd like to be an apple tree. Or perhaps one that grows peaches. Yes, that would definitely be lovely.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Kak Yong shares: Japanese Style Qasidah Burdah- by Ahmad Abu Hakeem Maeno

Rather than watch anime all day (hmm, who is that I wonder?), let's listen to the praising of our beloved Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him.

Isn't it wonderful how languages can be used to express such beautiful meanings? All languages come from Allah, and there in no language above the other. Arabic is of course the language of Al-Quran and our Prophet, and it is indeed unique compared to others.

And if we have time and means, learn other language too. The world will be opened for us...

Ayyuhal Walad: An Introduction & Advice 1 - Time Is Life Itself

   KakNgah is here.

   I have sadly been absent from this blog.

   It makes me feel guilty. Seeing that I used to bug KakYong and KakCik to post. Then I stopped.

   I have no good reasons. I am finally at home. I still have work to do, but I have time. Lots. Too much even. Too much that I do not spend in remembrance of Allah. This must change.

   I had lots to write about, but I didn't feel like doing it here. This is a place for sharing. Wait, aren't blogs usually for sharing? I mean that this is where I'd like to write about common, general stuff that relates to all three of us. KakYong, KakNgah, KakCik.

   KakYong said it's okay for me to write about my any of doings here, but I don't feel like it.


   KakYong has been doing a splendid job with her blog. She's been updating regularly (or quite) and they're all about such interesting happenings. If you read our blog because I once or regularly commented on your blog, do visit my older sister's blog. It's good. Trust me.


   We have started a small usrah at home. Well, perhaps it is not much of an usrah. What we do is gather after Isya' and read Surah al-Mulk together. After that one of us will read from a book. It's simple, but I like it. I would like it even more if we were all doing it. 

   We have skipped these sessions for a few days now... I hope we go back to doing them soon.

   When I arrived home last week, and rejoined the sessions, I discovered that they've started on a new book titled "Ayyuhal Walad" by the Al Imam Hujjatul Islam: Abu Hamid Muhammad bin Muhammad al-Ghazali.

   This is what the cover looks like:
Took this from here.
You can read a review of the book there.

   It is a simple but lovely book, full of useful advice for all who read it.

   The title means "Wahai Anakku Yang Tercinta" in Malay.

   It means "Oh My Beloved Child" in English.

   I have decided to share the contents here. I shall translate them into English. Proper credits go to the writer and publishers, but I feel that good knowledge should be shared with all. Insya-Allah. 

   I sincerely apologise if my translation lacks quality.

   May Allah reward the writer and all those who put effort into the production of this book.


Advice 1: Time is Life Itself

Oh my beloved child,

Part of Rasulullah's advice to his ummah (people) is as follows:

A sign that Allah has turned from His slave is when that slave consistently carries out useless activities.  And if but one second of his life is used for other than the true purpose of his life (which is to worship Allah), so he will forever repent it (on the Day of Judgement) while those who have reached the age of forty and beyond and has yet to make good deeds overbalance that of his bad ones, so has he prepared himself to enter hellfire.

This is advice is sufficient enough for those who have 'ilm (knowledge).


   We spend a lot of time doing useless things that do not contribute towards getting the blessings of Allah.

   We pray, but our hearts and minds is elsewhere.

   Outside of prayers, we do things that cannot be considered ibadah (acts of worship).

   I am one of these people.

   Me:   It's not easy to change.

   I:       Are you sure?

   Me:   It's not easy to be good.

   I:       Really?

   If that's the kind of attitude that I have, that Muslims have, how are we ever going to convince ourselves and others that Islam is the path of Truth?

   What do you think?

Saturday, June 25, 2011

KakYong writes: bits and pieces

As requested by Kak Ngah, to make it look like she's not hogging this whole blog to herself, here I am. Bear in mind that I could not even regularly post on my own blog, so you can guess why I may be neglecting here for a while.

But no matter, here I am now, and I'm planning to write for a bit.

I haven't updated my summer camp report for two days. Maybe because those were two ordinary days, just classes for them, and me running around fixing the schedule and trying to get some seminar work done. Though I look and sound busy, I still had time for some, let's say, extra-curricular activities? Let's look at some pictures shall we?

Activity One: Eat, Eat, Eat

I am not a picky eater. In fact I consider myself quite adventurous when it comes to eating. I like to try out new dishes, especially if people said NOT to try it (what can I say, I have the tendency to go against people's recommendation, and usually I will like what they don't). Muahaha. But I don't purposely go put and search for new kinds of food, like some people. I have enough brought to me. I mean look at where I am now, at the department where it is teeming with international students, who will usually bring something from their home country, and it is usually food. So I get to try all sorts of things. Cool eh?

Kungfu Spaghetti

The above is from the time where I had dinner with the Swedish students, the first night they were here. It was a sort of welcoming dinner. I ordered something I never had before: Kungfu Spaghetti. I don't really eat out much, but when I do, I'll try something that I've never had, and might never find again. The owner, who was serving us, warned me that it'll be a bit spicy, but I just answered bravely, "We are Malaysian" Yeah, it was rather spicy and hot, notice all the chillies, but it was good.

Then on Wednesday Dr Rahim and his wife Manna invited K.Soffi and me to their house and we had Iranian food. Rice and chicken and salad. Manna's a good cook, and she makes healthy food, and she arranged the food very nicely. I forgot to bring the camera along with me, so no pictures here.

Mac & Cheese

On Thursday, after they finished classes, some of the girls asked me for a place where they can eat, so I took them to Amcorp, since they wanted to eat fast food (excuse me for my lack of knowledge on good eating places, 5 years in KL and I still don't know where's where.) I didn't want to eat, I still full from lunch, but they made me eat (not very hard to do, that one), and so I ordered Mac & Cheese, since I always wondered what's it like. It was so-so, maybe I won't order it again?

Then on Friday, Dr. Rosey, who just got back from Hong Kong invited us, and I went with K.Soffi and K.Niswa. We had Chinese cold noodles and I love it!

Nice, isn't it?

my own bowl (this is the first time, you should see my 2nd helping heheh)

Activity Two: Taking pictures here and there

As someone might already notice, I have more personal and authentic pictures these days. Yep, I've been snapping pictures right and left. Just as well that I don't have FB anymore, or it'll be full of pics and nothing else (see, one reason I'm FBless). The below are some random pictures when I happen to have a camera in my hand.

my four mascots

our PA busy at work

a painting by a 93 year old man in China (Dr Rosey's house)

our academy's surau

the lonely bus stop during the uni break

Activity Three: My studies (something that I always talk about, but haven't really done much, sigh...)

a stack of books to comfort myself, not to read,but to look at on the shelf...

on rare occasions that I actually open a book and sit down to take notes

So there we are. Enough pictures to make up for my MIA, can aaa, Kak Ngah? The thing is I know there'll be other people who might read my entry if I post my entry here, compared to my own, where only Kak Ngah will come (and Kak Chik, if she remembers she has sisters). And don't worry Kak Ngah, you can use this blog to put up your personal rantings etc. I did plan to do that, since konon2 my own personal blog will be strictly academic and less personal. But from the looks of it, whatever just go wherever and whenever. Tak kisah la...

Ok,till next time.

Kak Yong

Friday, June 24, 2011

When We Never Say NO

   KakNgah here.

   Today Abuya called, which was a nice surprise since he doesn't usually do that. Normally when I call home, I'd talk to Ummi and sometimes the boys if they happen to answer the call. I only talk to Abuya when I have something to ask. (He's usually doing something else anyway when I call, like sleeping or cutting the grass...)

   Abuya said Mama (who is Abuya's eldest sister) texted him asking if I wanted to be a substitute teacher at her school. Now, Mama is a teacher at a secondary school, and the class that she's offering is a Form 6 class. Even thinking about it sends cold shivers up my spine. Even now, when people I don't know meet me for the first time, they'd ask me which school I go to. Or if I happen to visit KakYong or follow my boss to the institute, they'd ask which school I go to and if it was the school holidays.

   Yeah. I get that a lot. I don't think I look that young (but of course you'd have to see me to agree or otherwise). And I'm not really that small (KakYong says the way I walk makes me look short. What???). I suppose I am rather thin (super thin according to most people), but I think it's more to the fact that I don't put up on make-up and dress rather simply compared to some of my friends.

   This worries one of my lecturers, Madam Z. She often calls me, usually late at night, and we often chat up to 1 hour. Sometimes I wonder why it is so much easier for me to connect with old(er) people. Madam Z said I have an old soul. Anyway, she said that she's worried that I might not get suitors because I look far too young and unsophisticated. I look like a school girl, just like she did when she was my age.

   More about that in another post. I should get back to the topic. Anyway, I already have a temporary job (I might have mentioned it in one or two posts), so it's a no-no. But what I really want to talk about is how even if I did not already have a job, the chances of me accepting the offer is small due to my low self esteem on being able to teach and guide older students, I was tempted to say yes. YES!

   I began to find out sometime ago that I am not good at saying no. Usually this occurs when people asks for help or offer me jobs (which usually  helps them in a way or another too, when I think of it). Mama once said that it runs in the family. One of friends once called me a 'Yes' girl.

   I'm sure that there are many of you out there who also happen to be a 'Yes' person. It's not a bad trait,I suppose, in fact it means that you're willing to help people and that's a good quality. The problem is that sometimes, when you say Yes too often, or all the time, and NEVER say No, you might just be too overwhelmed by everything and in the end you'll screw up in both helping people and completing your own work.

   I have experienced several occasions when I agreed to do some work for too many things and later found myself sleepless several nights just for the sake of completing my own work. I've become rather used to that (Ummi calls me a vampire because I don't sleep at night- maybe an owl would be a better nickname? At least  owls are wise... *smug).

   So you probably understand why I was compelled to say 'yes' to Mama's offer, even though I really wanted to say 'No'. The truth is, I do feel that I'd like to experience teaching older students, but I really want to get back home after I finish my job here, sign up for driving lessons, get started on baking which I miss terribly, chat with Ummi, Abuya and the boys and just rest... I need rest.

   I said No. Well, I didn't say no exactly, but I said that I already had a job so I asked if I could offer it to my friend Jannah (who happens to be an ex-student of Mama's).

   Then I thought about all about hwo to know when to say Yes and when to say No.

   And I have come to a conclusion. It's alright to say Yes. It's alright to be a 'Yes' person. It's alright to get a little burdened by your own work and other people's work at the same time. Why? Because helping people is good. There have been many occasions when a small offer that I did for a friend turned out well- I got treated to something, or get the favour returned. Of course, you shouldn't do favours for people and expect anything in return. You shouldn't even expect people to remember that you've done them a favour. But when people do remember, and they help you back when you ask for it, that's good, right?

   You do have to know when to say No though. You shouldn't say 'Yes' when someone asks you to do their assignments for them. You shouldn't say 'Yes' when somebody asks you to do something bad. You shouldn't say Yes when someone asks you if it's okay to do something bad. Sometimes being nice doesn't mean agreeing to everything people say. Telling the truth is a nice thing to do too, but it's not easy.

   Yes. No. Make the best choice, and follow your instincts. And always, always put your trust in Allah. Insya-Allah you'll be fine.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Bird on the Sill

   There is a small bird that likes to perch on one of the windowsills in my room and announce its presence to the world. Most of the time it comes in the morning, and wakes me up with its loud twitters. Chipper twitters. I like the sound of chipper twitters. Sometimes it comes around Asar.

   Sometimes when I fall back to sleep in the morning, I feel a little annoyed when it flies on to the sill and begins its wake-up call. However, it makes me get up so that's good.

   I can't say that we have become friends, because every time I try to get away it flies of in a hurry. Huh, not so bold when it comes to face-to-face meetings, are you? The most I can do is to creep slowly and quietly from behind the curtain, lifting it ever so slowly and watching my chirpy little friend from behind the dark glass. Well, yes we may not be friends but we have developed this i-stalk-you-and-you-stalk-me relationship. We bug each other, but there's a wall made of glass that separates us.

   Here it is. I'm afraid my camera phone does not provide photos of very good quality, but it's clear enough, I think. I can also only take photos from behind the dark glass.

It seemed to have sensed that I was there...

Did I hear something? it thought

Little did you know I was there taking photos of you! Hehe
   I also recorded the sound of its merry little chirps. I haven't figured out how to upload audio files, so you'll have to make do with this:

This is what I hear every single day. 
Even if it annoys me a little sometimes, I'd miss it if it forgets to call...

   Finally, I also recorded a short video of my little friend! It just goes to show how bored I am these days, even with all the work that I have to complete....

However annoyed I get, I can only say Subhanallah whenever I see this little being on the sill. 
It has such a pretty combination of black and yellow!

   What happened at the end of the video was that I was trying to get to the open side of the window to get a closer look... and I didn't make it before my friend flew off. Oh, well.

   Allah's creations are truly amazing and beautiful. I don't often get to see pretty, colourful birds like this up-close except when I visit zoos and parks, so befriending this little fellow has helped lend some colour into my currently rather colourless life. I'm looking forward to going home, but I'll miss my little friend.

Friday, June 17, 2011

A Short Update

   How lame is it that I'm using the same title for this entry as well as the one in my teaching blog?

   We do apologise for the 1 month absence from this blog. While KakYong is busy running or managing or coordinating a Muslim Youth Camp for students from Sweden (you can read about that here), KakNgah is buried under tons and tons of work and some assignments- all of which require a lot of reading. Thankfully all the  materials have been prepared- now I just have to read them!

   Meanwhile KakCik has yet to make an appearance. She's usually very busy when on campus, and you might think that she would have time to write and post some stuff now that she's home for the semester break, which is quite long as the new semester will only open in September. However, she doesn't have access to the internet at home, so I'm afraid we'll have to wait until everybody grows beards before she posts anything.

   KakYong's camp will be up and running sometime next week if I'm not mistaken. She plans to write updates on her blog.

   All this while, even though I have not written much on the blog, I have done a lot of blogwalking and visited numerous blogs, many of which are very interesting. I usually love leaving comments whenever I read an interesting piece, and when I do I put a lot of effort into it- merely writing "Hi! Nice blog." or "Interesting ideas. Keep it up!" doesn't really show that you read what the writer has written, does it?

   However, for some reason I've lost spirit in doing that even. I was supposed to go to UTM with my boss this morning, and I was quite excited about it, but when I woke up today the excitement was gone and all I wanted to do was lie in bed and sleep. I don't like this, I don't like this state that I'm in at all. I feel homesick all the time. It's good because you know it shows that you love being home, but it distracts me from working. In order to distract myself from being homesick I surf the internet, but doing it so much distracts me from working too!

   I think I need some sort of break. Just a short one. I should have gone to UTM, getting out for a bit might have helped. Tomorrow, however, I have plans to go to a classmate's wedding with two other classmates, so I'm looking forward to that! Let's hope my spirits will be better after doing that. For now, I must make a lot of zikir and remember Allah, as well as pray that he gets me out of this mental block that I am in.

   On a happier note, it won't be long 'til July comes. In two or three weeks I'll be home. Think of that! :D

Friday, May 20, 2011


   Good things are supposed to make one feel... well, good. Good things are supposed to make good people feel happy, excited and optimistic. Right?

   Then why do I feel so depressed?


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Haram vs. the Halal

   This is just a short update. I listened to this talk and the speaker spoke something that was very interesting and actually made me pause the video to give a thought on what he had said. It goes something like this:

   "When you indulge in the haram, or when you eat or drink from the haram, the halal will then become disgusting to you..." and "When you have become used to something that is filthy, then what is generally known as clean and beautiful will become dirty and ugly."

   I may have changed or added to what he said, but that is the main message from the talk.

   I may write more on this, but I don't really have time at the moment. So I leave you with that to ponder upon.

   What do you think?

Thursday, May 12, 2011

aku hanya hamba

   banyak yang aku dapat

   dan banyak yang aku lupa

   bila yang ku dapat mula hilang

   bila yang banyak tinggal sedikit

   baru aku ingat semula

   aku ingat

   dan aku kembali lupa

   aku manusia

   aku hanya hamba kepada-Nya

   aku alpa


   jua hina

   kadang-kadang ku putus asa


   mendambakan keampunan dari yang Esa...

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Time to Heal

   [The title of this entry was inspired by a new blog I found, hehe]

   I liked this nasyeed ever since I heard it for the first time. In fact the whole album is pretty cool. I listened to this a lot during those two lonely but strangely peaceful week that I spent early this year. It reminds me of a certain person with whom I used to be good friends. Thinking of her is not exactly easy- for some reason the bad memories always seem clearer than the good ones, but listening to this song helps. It helps to bring the good memories back.

   My friend _________, this song is for you.

I know I’m waiting
Waiting for something
Something to happen to me
But this waiting comes with
Trials and challenges
Nothing in life is free
I wish that somehow
You’d tell me out aloud
That on that day I’ll be ok
But we’ll never know cause
That’s not the way it works
Help me find my way

My Lord show me right from wrong
Give me light make me strong
I know the road is long
Make me strong
Sometimes it just gets too much
I feel that I’ve lost touch
I know the road is long
Make me strong
I know I’m waiting
Yearning for something
Something known only to me
This waiting comes with
Trials and challenges
Life is one mystery
I wish that somehow

You’d tell me out aloud
That on that day you’ll forgive me
But we’ll never know cause
That’s not the way it works
I beg for your mercy
My Lord show me right from wrong
Give me light make me strong
I know the road is long
Make me strong
Sometimes it just gets too much
I feel that I’ve lost touch
I know the road is long
Make me strong

Words: Sami Yusuf
Music: Sami Yusuf
Produced by Sami Yusuf
   I pray that the bad memories will one day cease to exist. Burnt to ashes and scattered in the sea. I doubt you know the existence of this blog, and ever will, but I hope you understand.

   Let us pray that Allah makes us strong- strong enough to face the trials and tests that he puts upon us. Ameen.

   By the way, I love KakYong's interpretation of Dawud Warnsby Ali's song 'People of the Boxes'. It's like a session in one of Prof. Rosnani's Hikmah programmes. If I were still in IIUM, I'd recommend 'Song Interpretation' as one of the activities of the Facilitator Training Programme, hehe. 

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