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Monday, August 2, 2010


Wow, great job kakngah!! This blog looked superb.. The leprecaun looked so cute.. I searched for ages to find a good blog template.. Actually, I'm starting a blog of my own.. Nothing special kakngah... Just filling up the blog with my own thoughts.. Even no one is going to read it... Don't worry.. I will give my full commitment to this blog.

So, what should I write for this entry? maybe a bit about my busyness in this sem. I got loads of projects, trips, talks... Man, wish the lecturers should give it a rest already.. Whoops, sorry.. Yeah2, its for my own good. And we're starting to have blending learning. Kind like e-class. Meaning we dont have to go to the class and just do e-learning at the student portal.

At first, it was kind of (yay!!!) because we dont have to attend the class. And then, it gives us the worst nightmare, if we dont have the access to the internet. The lecturer will be checking us often to make sure we are online in time. Luckily for me, I'm using streamyx.. Okay, thats all for now. Catch ya later.. Adios!!!


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