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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Twins of Faith

   Saw ads for this event on 2 blogs,and I also remembered KakYong telling me about them.

 I'd really LOVE to go, but I'm not sure I can afford it. Anyway, find out more about the programme from the official  website. You can purchase tickets online there, and you can also get them here.

   These are the speakers who will be giving the talks, insya-Allah. I'm familiar with some of the names, though I've only listened to Abdurraheem Green via online videos. I've heard very good reviews about the others though, so I'm sure it'll be truly beneficial and meaningful.

    The programme line-up could not be more interesting. Just look at the titles of the talks! And none of them are very long either. If you are busy,you can choose which talks you want to go to.

   I'm strongly thinking of going, but I do not know if I can afford it. Ummi & Abuya have given me the green light, so that's good. Now how do I go? There'll be money for the ticket, and I have to find accommodation (free if possible) as well as think of how to transport there. I fervently hope and pray that Allah will show me a way. I'm also looking for a friend to go with.

   There will also be other side programmes such as a Mother's Room, Kids Zone, a Marriage Corner etc. Find out more by clicking on the links or by going to their official website.

   Is anybody going???


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