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Monday, March 28, 2011

Suhaib Webb: Hard Hearts

   I came across masyouth's YouTube channel about a few months ago, and was immediately attracted. The channel offers a variety of videos in which Muslim speakers discuss diverse topics such as modesty, racial disunity, communication, building good relationships and even long term vision. I love how diverse the topics are, in that it shows how Islam actually deals with all aspects of life.

   The channel offers several seasons of the ISR series (which stands for In the Shade of Ramadhan). From what I understand, they will put up videos throughout the month of Ramadhan for people to watch. Sometimes the topics directly have to do with Ramadhan, and sometimes they don't. The speakers are all very interesting, and I particularly like Sister Muslema Purmul.

   For this post, I have chosen to share a video from Season 4, in which Imam Suhaib Webb talks about 'Hard Hearts'. You can visit his official site and read his biography as well as follow his Twitter account.

   In this video entry, Imam Suhaib Webb talks of several things that we do which can pollute and harden the heart. These are, among others:

     1. Rushing

     2. Coveting

     3. Anger

     4. Following blindly

     5. Ignoring what Allah has obligated upon us

   Watch the video to find out more. Take some time... spend some time to remember Allah, and with His will, He will remember you.


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