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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

There's No Place Like Home!

   There was a reason the above phrase was invented. The truth is, there is most definitely NO place that can ever come close to giving you that warm feeling that you have when you're at home.

   Home. The word probably means different things to different people. In my case, home is wherever my parents are, and that is currently in sweet old Klate. Alhamdulillah, I've been home for about four days now, but this stay is nearing its end and I must soon (in three days time, to be exact) leave for Malacca once again. It won't be easy to leave, especially when I think of all the work that I have to face as soon as I get there, but I try to comfort myself by thinking that there's only 4 weeks left for teaching practice. Soon, it'll be over and I'll come back- and be bored to death with nothing to do, I guess. Haha. Humans can never be truly satisfied for a long time.

   I've been really lazy these few days. As for blogging, heavens know how lazy I've been at that! If I ever do get the time to blog in between work, I do it at my other blog, putting what little scraps of experience that I get from my teaching practice into a patchwork essay.

  Oh, I finally purchased my own card reader! This means that I can now transfer what pictures I can capture from my phone, but I'm afraid they won't really be of good quality. I've been hankering after a good camera ever since who knows, but $$$$$$$$$ is a big problem.

   Which reminds me that I have a translation job to finish! Doing translation work is the only source of income (apart from my scholarship, which I have received for the last time in January and is already gone!) that I have, and it doesn't come often. I wish I could work during break after teaching practice is over, and save enough to pay for driving lessons, but I don't know. I just pray that Allah will show me a way to achieving all these little dreams of mine.


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