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Saturday, June 25, 2011

KakYong writes: bits and pieces

As requested by Kak Ngah, to make it look like she's not hogging this whole blog to herself, here I am. Bear in mind that I could not even regularly post on my own blog, so you can guess why I may be neglecting here for a while.

But no matter, here I am now, and I'm planning to write for a bit.

I haven't updated my summer camp report for two days. Maybe because those were two ordinary days, just classes for them, and me running around fixing the schedule and trying to get some seminar work done. Though I look and sound busy, I still had time for some, let's say, extra-curricular activities? Let's look at some pictures shall we?

Activity One: Eat, Eat, Eat

I am not a picky eater. In fact I consider myself quite adventurous when it comes to eating. I like to try out new dishes, especially if people said NOT to try it (what can I say, I have the tendency to go against people's recommendation, and usually I will like what they don't). Muahaha. But I don't purposely go put and search for new kinds of food, like some people. I have enough brought to me. I mean look at where I am now, at the department where it is teeming with international students, who will usually bring something from their home country, and it is usually food. So I get to try all sorts of things. Cool eh?

Kungfu Spaghetti

The above is from the time where I had dinner with the Swedish students, the first night they were here. It was a sort of welcoming dinner. I ordered something I never had before: Kungfu Spaghetti. I don't really eat out much, but when I do, I'll try something that I've never had, and might never find again. The owner, who was serving us, warned me that it'll be a bit spicy, but I just answered bravely, "We are Malaysian" Yeah, it was rather spicy and hot, notice all the chillies, but it was good.

Then on Wednesday Dr Rahim and his wife Manna invited K.Soffi and me to their house and we had Iranian food. Rice and chicken and salad. Manna's a good cook, and she makes healthy food, and she arranged the food very nicely. I forgot to bring the camera along with me, so no pictures here.

Mac & Cheese

On Thursday, after they finished classes, some of the girls asked me for a place where they can eat, so I took them to Amcorp, since they wanted to eat fast food (excuse me for my lack of knowledge on good eating places, 5 years in KL and I still don't know where's where.) I didn't want to eat, I still full from lunch, but they made me eat (not very hard to do, that one), and so I ordered Mac & Cheese, since I always wondered what's it like. It was so-so, maybe I won't order it again?

Then on Friday, Dr. Rosey, who just got back from Hong Kong invited us, and I went with K.Soffi and K.Niswa. We had Chinese cold noodles and I love it!

Nice, isn't it?

my own bowl (this is the first time, you should see my 2nd helping heheh)

Activity Two: Taking pictures here and there

As someone might already notice, I have more personal and authentic pictures these days. Yep, I've been snapping pictures right and left. Just as well that I don't have FB anymore, or it'll be full of pics and nothing else (see, one reason I'm FBless). The below are some random pictures when I happen to have a camera in my hand.

my four mascots

our PA busy at work

a painting by a 93 year old man in China (Dr Rosey's house)

our academy's surau

the lonely bus stop during the uni break

Activity Three: My studies (something that I always talk about, but haven't really done much, sigh...)

a stack of books to comfort myself, not to read,but to look at on the shelf...

on rare occasions that I actually open a book and sit down to take notes

So there we are. Enough pictures to make up for my MIA, can aaa, Kak Ngah? The thing is I know there'll be other people who might read my entry if I post my entry here, compared to my own, where only Kak Ngah will come (and Kak Chik, if she remembers she has sisters). And don't worry Kak Ngah, you can use this blog to put up your personal rantings etc. I did plan to do that, since konon2 my own personal blog will be strictly academic and less personal. But from the looks of it, whatever just go wherever and whenever. Tak kisah la...

Ok,till next time.

Kak Yong


Umaidah Al-Abid June 28, 2011 at 8:34 PM  

Actually kakyong, I DO remember I have sisters. TWO sisters.. =B I visit this blog more often than both of you can imagine (even though I rarely post comments)

KakYong June 28, 2011 at 11:39 PM  

aha, a response from Kak Chik, woohoo!!! Joking la Kak Chik, thanks for the comment. Do you like the picts? Ahem2...

Sumaiyyah July 17, 2011 at 1:19 AM  

Hehe poor KakCik. Well I'm glad to know do you drop visits (more often than the two of us can imagine, haha).

Great post KakYong. I've read this when you posted it, but forgot to comment. The food looks delicious!!!!

Don't forget that we've yet to make the mac and cheese that we planned to.

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