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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Ayyuhal Walad: An Introduction & Advice 1 - Time Is Life Itself

   KakNgah is here.

   I have sadly been absent from this blog.

   It makes me feel guilty. Seeing that I used to bug KakYong and KakCik to post. Then I stopped.

   I have no good reasons. I am finally at home. I still have work to do, but I have time. Lots. Too much even. Too much that I do not spend in remembrance of Allah. This must change.

   I had lots to write about, but I didn't feel like doing it here. This is a place for sharing. Wait, aren't blogs usually for sharing? I mean that this is where I'd like to write about common, general stuff that relates to all three of us. KakYong, KakNgah, KakCik.

   KakYong said it's okay for me to write about my any of doings here, but I don't feel like it.


   KakYong has been doing a splendid job with her blog. She's been updating regularly (or quite) and they're all about such interesting happenings. If you read our blog because I once or regularly commented on your blog, do visit my older sister's blog. It's good. Trust me.


   We have started a small usrah at home. Well, perhaps it is not much of an usrah. What we do is gather after Isya' and read Surah al-Mulk together. After that one of us will read from a book. It's simple, but I like it. I would like it even more if we were all doing it. 

   We have skipped these sessions for a few days now... I hope we go back to doing them soon.

   When I arrived home last week, and rejoined the sessions, I discovered that they've started on a new book titled "Ayyuhal Walad" by the Al Imam Hujjatul Islam: Abu Hamid Muhammad bin Muhammad al-Ghazali.

   This is what the cover looks like:
Took this from here.
You can read a review of the book there.

   It is a simple but lovely book, full of useful advice for all who read it.

   The title means "Wahai Anakku Yang Tercinta" in Malay.

   It means "Oh My Beloved Child" in English.

   I have decided to share the contents here. I shall translate them into English. Proper credits go to the writer and publishers, but I feel that good knowledge should be shared with all. Insya-Allah. 

   I sincerely apologise if my translation lacks quality.

   May Allah reward the writer and all those who put effort into the production of this book.


Advice 1: Time is Life Itself

Oh my beloved child,

Part of Rasulullah's advice to his ummah (people) is as follows:

A sign that Allah has turned from His slave is when that slave consistently carries out useless activities.  And if but one second of his life is used for other than the true purpose of his life (which is to worship Allah), so he will forever repent it (on the Day of Judgement) while those who have reached the age of forty and beyond and has yet to make good deeds overbalance that of his bad ones, so has he prepared himself to enter hellfire.

This is advice is sufficient enough for those who have 'ilm (knowledge).


   We spend a lot of time doing useless things that do not contribute towards getting the blessings of Allah.

   We pray, but our hearts and minds is elsewhere.

   Outside of prayers, we do things that cannot be considered ibadah (acts of worship).

   I am one of these people.

   Me:   It's not easy to change.

   I:       Are you sure?

   Me:   It's not easy to be good.

   I:       Really?

   If that's the kind of attitude that I have, that Muslims have, how are we ever going to convince ourselves and others that Islam is the path of Truth?

   What do you think?


KakYong July 17, 2011 at 10:53 AM  

Ah, very good sharing, the content of the book especially and your thoughts. This is the kind of thing that should be on blogs, whatever we see or hear or experience, and our own personal thoughts on it and how it relate to our life. Actually everyone goes through the same thing in this life, more or less, and most people feel alone, like no one can understand them. It is comforting to know that someone else has gone through the same thing. Humans like to relate to someone similar to them. It is our nature. Keep up the translation, you might be doing even more good than the translations that we have been doing so far... N thx for the free ad, it's okay if it's just u, eman, n merima who read my blog muahahah...

Sumaiyyah July 17, 2011 at 12:17 PM  

Yeah, this is what I think I should be doing for this blog. At least I have some ideas on what to write. For now anyway, haha.

No biggie. I do like your blog, or I wouldn't promote it :D

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