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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Dear Friend...

   Dear Friend(s),

   I wish...

   I wish that bad things do not have to happen between friends.
   But they do.

   I wish we could have stayed as we were.
   Good friends.
   Helping each other when in need.
   Laughing at each other's jokes.
   But those things have come to pass.

   I wish I could have been a better friend.
   One who does not blunder so easily.
   One who knows better when to speak.
   One who is better at taking matters into hand.
   But I was not.

   I wish you could have said, "What's passed is in the past"
   Because that is what I feel
   I wish we could put everything behind
   Keep the good memories, and strive to make new ones
   Remember the bad ones, but only as lessons for learning
   Never to be repeated.
   But perhaps only I wish so, and you don't. 
   I do not know.

   I wish I know what's in your heart
   Because I know what is in mine
   I have sincerely asked for your forgiveness
   For any faults that I might have made
   But perhaps it was not enough
   Why wasn't it?

   I wish to be good friends again
   To relive the good old days
   I've forgiven you for any mistakes that you've made
   And I wish I knew if you have forgiven mine
   But I do not know.

   I wish we could be good friends again.
   But for that to happen we must both wish for it.
   I wish for so many things
   I know now that Allah knows best
   I have much to thank Him for
   For the blessed years that I was given
   To experience a friendship with you
   I thank you for all the good memories
   And also for the bad ones
   For while good things give us happiness and warmth
   Bad things also help to teach us certain values that the good cannot

   This message may never reach you
   And I do not know if you would like it if it ever did
   So I am writing it anyway
   Allah knows best
   And perhaps one day you will find forgiveness in your heart
   I hope you do
   You were a good friend
   And I hope I was too.

   I am sorry.
   Thank you.
I hope we will part on good terms next year...

   The best friendships, in fact the best relationships between human beings are those that were built in the name of Allah. Perhaps we have ceased to remember this. If you have experienced hurtful relationships, think that perhaps you have forgotten to strengthen your relationship with Allah. 

   Wallahu'alam. May the blessings of Allah be upon all who venture across this piece of writing.

   [Having written this, it feels rather cheesy but oh well.]


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