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Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Story of Masyitah the Martyr

   As I promised, I've posted the story of Masyitah the Martyr, with the help of this blogger who kindly said I could use her post on this particular topic as a source. Tq Sister Aqilah for your generosity! May Allah reward you well...

   Credits for the pictures go to the people who created them... I think they were from the Tatih magazine, which was later converted into the Asuh series.

   I hope the story benefits anyone who reads it, insya-Allah...

The Story of Masyitah the Martyr

   Masyitah r.a. worked as a maid in the magnificent palace of the evil ruler Fir'aun. She was in fact a handmaiden to the daughters of Fir'aun, and one of her main tasks was to comb their hair.

   Yet Masyitah was a believer, and she did not bow to the arrogance of Fir'aun who claimed himself to be God. However, this fact remained a secret, and for some time Masyitah and her family were safe from the hands of Fir'aun.

    One day, as Masyitah r.a. dutifully carried out her task of combing the royal tresses of one of Fir'aun's daughters, the comb she was using slipped from her grasp. As the comb slipped from her hands, Masyitah automatically called upon the name of the One True Creator whom she worshipped, as a sign of her surprise.

   "Allah!" Thus was the word that came out of her mouth.

   The mention of this name brought surprise to the princess whose hair Masyitah had been combing, and she immediately inquired, "Who is this Allah that you speak of?"

   At first, Masyitah was reluctant and refused to answer the princess's question. However, after being repeatedly forced to answer, she finally explained, "Allah is the the One True God and the Creator of the universe."

   The princess was shocked to know that Masyitah and her family served a God other than her father, and immediately brought the matter to Fir'aun's attention.

   Once again, in Fir'aun's presence, Masyitah repeated what she had said, "Allah is the the One True God and the Creator of the universe."

   Fir'aun in turn was filled with outrage, and ordered one of his chief ministers by the name of Hamman to capture Masyitah and her family members.

   Masyitah and her family was sentenced to death. Masyitah's loyalty and what dutiful work she had done in the palace were disregarded. The whole family was sentenced to death- one which would be carried out in a huge pot of boiling water.

   It was a great test of faith for Masyitah. She not only had a husband, but also four children including one who was yet but a baby. They were brought to  Fir'aun, who gave them a choice of bending to his will by worshipping him instead of Allah. However, the whole family refused and valiantly chose to die as believers.

   At Fir'aun's command, Hamman forced the members of Masyitah's family into the platform made ready for them. One by one, they were cruelly pushed into the giant pot of hot, boiling water. Masyitah, being the last in line with her baby cradled close to her arms, was forced to watch the horrifying scene as her husband and children helplessly struggled and died.

   Finally, only Masyitah and her baby were left. Syaitan immediately whispered into Masyitah's ears to make her doubt her decision. Masyitah looked at her baby and for a moment hesitated.

   However, by Allah's will, the innocent baby looked up into her mother's eyes, opened its mouth and spoke,

  "Dear Mother! Let us follow in the steps of father, for paradise awaits those who believe."

   Hearing this great miracle, Masyitah threw aside her doubt and jumped into the giant pot with her baby. With that, the whole family died as syuhada' in protecting their faith towards Allah.

   Fear not! For those who disobey and rebel against Allah will be justly punished, for the wrath of Allah is as great as His mercy. The kingdom of Fir'aun was overthrown, and Hamman was killed, while Fir'aun and his army were drowned at the bottom of the sea. They died as disbelievers, while Masyitah r.a. and her family were honoured and given paradise in return for their strong faith in Allah.

   I have always loved this story as the story of Masyitah's courage and strong faith in Allah, as well as that of her family, show the extent to which Mukminun would go in order to protect their religion.

   Can we do this? Do we have the strength to achieve what Masyitah and her family did? If it comes to it, would we be able to make the same choice?

   Let us pray that Allah with always strengthen our iman and let us stay on His path.

   Wallahu a'lam.


Pejuang Pen November 4, 2020 at 1:05 PM  

Assalamualaikum. The illustration is very interesting. Can i have your permision to save and use these pictures?

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