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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Kak Yong writes: A Saturday at home

This post is for Kak Ngah who is probably planning to go on strike due to lack of commitment from the rest of blog members, namely me =p. Yes, though it was my idea, as with most of things that I decided to do, I always got bored easily. Not a good habit, I know.
Anyway, it is Saturday and I am at home. I was waiting for Kak Salina a while ago, we have a presentation coming up this Monday, but she just messaged me that she'll come later, so for now I am free. Hopefully we'll be able to settle everything. The presentation stuff I mean. It is for the project I'm working on as a research assistant. It's Madrasah-Madrasah Sebelum Merdeka di Selangor: Sejarah dan Sumbangan (Madrasahs Prior Independence in Selangor: History and Contributions). Supposedly the lecturers are ones presenting, but both Dr. Ali and Dr. Roslan are unavailable next week, so I have to do it.Since I was kinda worried because I haven't done this before, Kak Salina agreed to help (she was the previous r.a). I guess I should have grabbed this chance, it is after all the world of academics that I'll be immersed in for at least the next two years, but since the scaredy me is not yet prepared to stand in front of a whole room of lecturers and experts, I'll leave it until next time, alright? Will report on the the event soon. Till next time!


Sumaiyyah December 25, 2010 at 12:21 PM  


I just noticed that KakYong actually posted something!!!!! Waaahhh!!!

I just noticed... after leaving a long, long entry haha.

Good to have you on board, sergeant! Keep up the good work!

(You should have grabbed the chance!)Honestly!

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