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Monday, December 20, 2010

The World We Live In

   (Warning: This entry has absolutely no  pictures. Just words. Words, words and more words. And questions. Lots of 'em.)

   KakNgah thinks.

   And KakNgah writes.

   And writes.

   What about? Oh.

   About this world.

   This world that we live in.

   Have you ever wondered or thought a lot about it?

   Have you spent a lot of time, staring into space, wondering about this world?

   About the people who live in it.

   About the trees.

   The flowers.

   The beautiful, blue sea.

   The animals.





   Animals that live on land.

   Those that live in the sea.

   Human beings.


   Life, in general.

   Life. What is life really about?

   How did people live in the old days? How do people live now? How will they live in the future?

   Has things remained the same since Adam first came to Earth? No. It has not.

   Will things remain the same long, long after we leave our life in this world and enter the next? No, they won't.

   Death. What is death? How will we face it? Are we ready for it? What have we done in this life, anyway?

   Life. Death. Life and death.

   Choices. Decisions. What sort of choices and decisions have we made in this life that we live? How will they affect us when and after we die?

   Life and death. All is in God's Hands. God's power.

   Who is God?

   God. Allah. The Almighty. The One True God. The Creator. The Lord of the Universe.

   The Creator. Yes, the Almighty Being who created us. Us. Us and all other things that ever existed anywhere there is existence.

   He gave us life. He gave us eyes for seeing and looking. Ears for hearing and listening. Mouths for speaking. Hands for touching, picking up things, shaping. Feet and legs for moving.

   He gave us this world. This world that we live in. This beautiful world where we are not alone. We have friends. Family. We have food. Shelter.

   What have we done before we ever existed to receive all this?


   Yet He gave them to us. Freely.

   What have we done to feel that we deserve all this?

   What have we done to show that we appreciate living in this world?

   What HAVE we done?

   Questions. Questions come and come and never leave.

   They're not enough. We need answers. Answers.

   Where do they lie? Where do these answers lie?


   Everywhere. They lie everywhere, in wait for us. Waiting for us to look for them. They lie in the trees. They lie in the seas. They lie in the people we meet and see everyday.

   They are all signs. Signs of what, you ask? Who made that chair you're sitting on? Someone did. A carpenter, probably. Who made that pen you're using? Someone. A machine you say. Well, there were brains behind those machinery.

   Who made the brains behind the machine then? Who made everything else that human beings did not make?

   Are you thinking now?

   Islam is a religion for thinkers.

   So think.


   I'm thinking.


   About what?

   I'm thinking about this world that we live in.

   (Just wondering what's it's like to write in short sentences like saya here does. It's kind of nice, actually. Easier on the eyes too. Definitely a lot easier.)


umi Hamraa December 20, 2010 at 8:29 PM  

salam kak ngah.
(should i call you by this name? quite mesra actually) :)

betul. saya setuju. bagaimana kita melihat dunia. bila melihat sekeliling,buat kita fikir, besarnya kebesaran Allah azza wa jalla. Semoga kita akan sentiasi dilimpahi hidayahNya. InsyaAllah.

btw, awak tulis panjang atau pendek, saya tetap baca juga :)

Sumaiyyah December 21, 2010 at 12:03 AM  


Ya, buat masa sekarang boleh panggil KakNgah.

Saya patut panggil awak 'saya' ke? Hehe.

Umat Islam memang digalakkan berfikir. Itu asas agama kita, kan?

Tq sebab sudi melawat dan baca! :)

elle December 24, 2010 at 8:13 PM  

salam buddy. nice words u write here. love it much. made people think. made me think. thank you. =)

btw, I'm tagging u for sumthing that might not worth tagging. but since I dunno many bloggers, so I tag u. pardon me. juz ignore if u're not interested. If u are curious, check out my latest entry GiveAway Domain by

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