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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Frogs... and Rain!

   Ever seen the Sunmaid Raisins commercial on television? Heard how they say "Grapes... and sunshine"?

   Try reading the title of this post with the same tone.

   Well, yes. That is the reality that one must face during these rainy seasons. Lots and lots of little froggies keep making visits to our lovely home. Poor frogs, I guess they just want to be out of the rain.

   That's how I thought before I actually had to go through the experience of picking one up and depositing it far, far way from the house. Oh, don't worry I used a plastic bag to do it. You so do not seriously think that I'd do it with my bare hands now, do you?

   And not an hour ago, I woke up and nearly trod on another one which was patiently waiting in front our our bedroom door. Now, I am not easily spooked by little critters, even frogs... but this little one really surprised me. And its big brother or sister was also waiting placidly by the fridge.

   I wanted to turn a blind eye to both... but Mum is really scared of frogs, which was quite surprising when I found out, hehe. So I picked out a sturdy plastic bag, held my breath, picked up the first one and threw it out of the window as gently as I ever could while repressing shudders all the way through. Thank goodness it didn't move while I was holding it.

   That wasn't so bad. The second one was a  bit bigger, and it squirmed. It fairly wriggled, but I managed to make a good deposit... and wake the whole house up while doing it. Seriously, the little thing was wriggling in my hands. How could I not let out a few squeals?

   At least the house is two-frogs-free. I'm sure these little guys will make another visit to our house. I think there's a queen frog in our house, and its secretly breeding an army of frogs. Oh that does not feel good.

   It hasn't rained much lately, to be honest, and so far I haven't heard of any terrible floods here. I took some pics of the rain a week or two ago though, and even though you can't really tell that it's raining because of the poor quality, you can see it's wet. And clean. I love looking at the world after it's been cleaned by some good rain.

   Don't you?

We keep fish here :P

Rain means lots and lots of puddles. And probably lots and lots of leeches, ugh...

Rain always makes the world so much cleaner!

   I'll miss home a lot when I go back to college next year :(


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